16 March 2006

george clooney did not write this blog.

what a difference a couple of days make. turns out i'm really glad i didn't post the...er... post i wrote two days ago, because there's been a *new development* worth exploring discussing mentioning for the purposes of filling space here noting.
it all started with isaac hayes, so it's his fault, really, for leaving south park. because i started writing about that and found myself kind of rolling with a whole south park-related theme when i made an extremely clever segue into a comment about george clooney and how he wrot...wait a tick! why explain things now when i can just as easily post the post i didn't post two days ago? what a great idea! why didn't i think of that before? (why am i asking you?)
>> okay, so the following is part of the un-posted post from 14 march 2006 (just pretend you understand, it'll make things easier):
...now, as long as i'm on the subject of south park (and i am) remember how george clooney did the voice of sparky, the gay dog? that was funny.

speaking of george clooney...(how's that for a segue?) i think i mentioned in my
oscar overview last week, that mommy and daddy are bigbig fans... more so since mr. clooney stopped "being" the sexiest man alive--they've always thought he was so much more than just another pretty face. they really appreciate his abilities as an actor and as a director. that said, even tho' mommy and daddy like george clooney because he's talented, they like him best because he's smart and outspoken. and never more so than when he wrote about his liberal leanings on the huffington post yesterday. (the huffington post is a finefinefine political blog, by the way, especially since arianna huffington, like boy #1, has seen the error of her conservative ways and is now a card-carrying liberal. gosh we like it when that happens!)
actually, mommy thinks george clooney has always shown his liberal colors, even back when he did that voice work for south park. remember when i mentioned that a minute ago? wasn't that funny? why am i mentioning it again? because i need to segue back to south park, since, as i said at the top, it's my "blog theme" for the day. (funny how i made that happen, huh? not funny like when george clooney did sparky's voice, but still...)
>>now this is where i continued with another totally cool south park related thing i'm not gonna continue with now because A) i don't want to, B) okay so i did, and you should click on it 'cuz it's fun, and C) i need to say this:
apparently george clooney did not write that blog!! (the 1st clue? the words "i did not write that blog..."). after reading that article, mommy went back to read the blog he wrote/didn't write, and, instead, found this. what does it all mean? nothing, really. i mean, george clooney didn't write the blog, but he does stand by the statements he made that were in the blog that he didn't write. feel better? i know i do.

"The liberals can understand everything but people who don't understand them." ~ Lenny Bruce


Blogger writer said...

though sometimes a but puzzling, you are a funny funny writer!

16/3/06 3:59 PM  
Blogger puppytoes said...

you're being kind... but, thank you! i'm afraid this is what happens when i take too many crazy pills in one day and/or stuff happens in the real world that actually makes me crazy! : )

16/3/06 4:09 PM  
Anonymous Joel said...

"Writer" is right! Funny, insightful and cute pictures to boot!

Love you - worth waiting for.

16/3/06 4:18 PM  

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