11 March 2006

another frabjous day!

caloo! callay! wow... is this weekend off to a good start, or what? yes. yes it is. in fact, it was so gorgeous outside, daddy took us all out for another fun festive frolic in the front yard. and we had a fabulous time! but now i'm too dang tired to write anything clever and/or interesting. fortunately for me, however, mommy came out with that stupid camera of hers and managed to take a few snapshots. of course, mommy is a terrible photographer, i mean, most of the time her pictures are out of focus because she forgets to wear her glasses. and sometimes, because we all hate having that stupid camera pointed at us all the freaking time, we run away from mommy, which means mommy not only takes out of focus pictures, she gets lots of out-of-focus pictures of our collective butts. poor mommy. when will she learn?
never-the-less, since i'm just too pooped to care, i'm gonna use mommy's crappy out-of-focus pictures anyway. enjoy! or not... (did i mention a lot of 'em are out of focus?)
bobo always likes to start out sniffin' around the bushes...why?
because they're there.
once he's finished with that it's off to explore...something. anything.
i, too, am in search of something. anything! actually, what i really need is a good place to scratch my back!
ahhhh! that's just the spot...

okay...now i feel better. time to have some fun. so...where's bobo?

oh that bobo...running over to bark at the stupid dog next door, again. it just never gets old... (what's up with that?)

i started to chase after bobo, but i had to stop, because, look at the way he's hopping over to the fence... see how his two back legs are up? he's runs like a bunny! tee hee!

what a hoppy boy! (bad pun, sorry)

see max. see max run. see max run from all things scary. like me. and the camera. stupid sissy-girly-runnin'-away-from-scary things max.

and, yet, he's a pretty boy, on a good day.

(like today, i guess)

once again fuzzybutt did not get to go outside. fuzzybutt doesn't want to go outside. fuzzybutt wants to sit on daddy's desk and yip at daddy and/or mommy (depending on who's sitting there). he is fuzzybutt, therefore, he yips. stupid fuzzybutt. yipping. and sitting on daddy's desk. not going outside.

okay, ya know what? running commentary is all well and good, but now i'm tired of loading pictures, and, quite frankly, i'm flat out of worms... so, y'know...

that's all she wrote.

Jumping for joy is good exercise. ~ Author Unknown


Anonymous Joel said...

love the pics...love the commentary! And, most of all, love you.

11/3/06 7:18 PM  
Anonymous Jom said...

It looked like fun! :)I guess you'd like the feelings when wind is blowing through your ears and the smell of fresh grass and trees! (scent of spring!) and the weather looked so nice! In England, ...e.rr...the forcast gernerally changes like 3 times a day! I meant, last 3 days it seemed like 'spring' is coming, then yesterday...it snowed again!...but I'm kinda used to it now...lol..this will be a bigbig problem when I return home..hee hee :D

Hope to have a nice day with wonderful weather!

12/3/06 10:31 AM  
Blogger puppytoes said...

hi jom!

i tried to respond yesterday, but the silly server wouldn't let me!

i'm sorry it snowed again there... they're trying to tell us it may snow here by the end of the week, which i like, but my mommy can live without! she's more than ready for some nice spring weather!

when you go home you'll have to contend with lots of warm weather, right? i bet that will be quite an adjustment! (i'm not too fond of really warm temperatures... as you might imagine!)

by the way, i loved the pictures you sent me sooo much... i wanted to post them, but i wanted to make sure it was okay with you, first... guess i'll have to send you an e-mail to find out!

hope you have a happyhappy week!! i'll try to find some more silly pictures to post... so i can help you keep that smile on your beautiful face! : D

13/3/06 2:16 PM  
Anonymous jom said...

Sophie! ^__^

Actually, I got the pictures from my friend via email. She forwarded them to me. By the way, I've already traced where they came from ;) They're from a website called 'gettyimage'. This website seems to have a longlong policy of using their pictures :P I think I'd better give you the web location :D

Here you are...



I hope it helps you somehow!

13/3/06 5:21 PM  
Blogger Sam I Am said...

thank you for sharing .

17/3/06 6:37 PM  

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