06 March 2006

did i miss the oscar boat?

hmmmm. is everyone still yipping about the oscars? i mean, come on. i ask, because there are television sets in every room in this house and, at this exact moment, many are tuned to various news channels -- and everywhere i go, i'm hearing nothing but blahblah oscar this and blahblah oscar that and what'd ya think about the dress she wore but who was he with can ya believe wedding crashers didn't win anything? okay. heh heh. that last part was a joke, because, of course, wedding crashers was the only movie my mommy & daddy saw last year, and i think we all know it wasn't nominated for anything. (why was it the only movie my people saw? how the hell should i know? i'm guessing it has to do with the fact that they're pathetic frumps who'd rather sit around and watch tivo'd episodes of law & order: criminal intent -- because, according to them, vincent d'onofrio plays the smartest guy on tv.) but i digress. my original question today was this: is everyone on the planet still talking about the oscars?? in which case, did i make a humongous mistake by not talking about it earlier today? am i too late? did i miss freaking the oscar boat??
in truth, i know folks are actually talkin' about other stuff too... (just try sitting in the office for a few minutes when chatty arbuckle gets goin', and you'd know this for a fact...) actually, just a few minutes ago there was a little nugget on cnn.com that got my mommy's feminist side freaked out a bit. (something about a little piece of legislation the governor of south dakota just signed to ban virtually all abortions in that state. mommy seems to think this is gonna have some big-deal supreme-court challenge ramification, but the newsies on cnn aren't saying much, yet.) from where i'm sittin', oscar still looks to be the top conversation blog/dog of the day. go figure.
so let's go back to the oscars, shall we? (humor me, i'm just trying to catch up.) here's a veryvery speedy run-down of what mommy and daddy watched and/or thought about the oscars. kind of.
. okay, they watched the first 1/2 hour or so, because they lovelovelove jon stewart. and as far as i could tell, they thought he was in excellent form. was he subdued? apparently they thought he was. was he appropriate? apparently, they thought he was. was he still freakin' funny? apparently. at least they laughed and laughed and laughed.
2. graphics = lovely
. tightly produced show = hard to do/good job/thank you
. "best" film clips as bumps to commercials = brilliant
. meryl streep/lily tomlin intro for robert altman = tasty
6. ben stiller intro for best special effects bit = vintage stiller/ hilarious/ adore him
. various winners: didn't care (tho' they do love george clooney--became big fans once he wasn't so much "the sexiest man alive". thought confessions of a dangerous mind was a really interesting film, can't wait to see good night and good luck.)
8. will ferrell/steve carell bad-make-up-dead-pan intro for best make-up = tea-spitting-hysterical
9. pre-produced "packages" about so-called oscar campaigns to "get votes", voiced by none other than stephen colbert = inspired/funnyfunnyfunny/nice-way-to-keep-those-hollywood-types-from-taking-themselves-so-seriously riot
. charlize theron's dress = the-girl-is-so-magnificent-she-can-wear-anything-but-next-time-maybe-not-that over-the-top unflattering thing
. anything else = they didn't see it
. spaghetti and garlic bread dinner = delicious


Anonymous Joel said...

I thought that abortion ruling might get your attention...great recap of our "big" night.
Love you

6/3/06 7:54 PM  
Blogger diet dilemma magmem stlye said...

Dear puppytoes and family, love your blog. Keep the pictures flowing, cool captions. Thanks for the rundown on the oscars, I only watched the first part. You give voice to your pets and can communicate with them, you are in my "favorites" click. Please be yourself the lingo is up to date and in the young field. Thanks for visiting my site. It will be boring for you so don't feel you have to always return a visit. I'm not as funny as you are. I am an avid animal lover though. I liked a lot of the same things you like in your profile. Have a peaceful day. May God Bless and keep you and your family safe in His Heart always. I thought I would just tell you the words I repalced were disrespectful to God's plan for us in life and mentioned too many times all of the enemy names that could conjure up evil spirits. Adios!

7/3/06 12:13 AM  
Blogger Wally Banners said...

wow super article :)

7/3/06 1:20 AM  
Blogger gingajoy said...

message from nora, joy's golden lab, Nora (Snora):
"dear sophietoes, your mommy and daddy sound just like my mommy and daddy. they liked all the same thing, even the Ben Stiller stuff, which they thought was sooo funny, even though others have slighted him. They watched it for a bit longer, and were very amused by the slow motion dancing vignettes that accompanied the Crash song. it was so bad they got silly about it, and even started doing mime stuff. it was a bit sad, really. must have been the wine. After the rap song "it's a hard life for a pimp," mommy said "yeah, right" and they went to bed (after daddy took me for a walk so i could whizz on my favorite tree)"

7/3/06 9:31 AM  
Anonymous jom said...


Hmmm...now, I feel like I'm a long way behind this globalization world...LOL...I just heard about the oscar from boy#1 2 days ago :P...the thing is I don't have TV here (sad huh?...but on the other hand it is good not to have one...unless..I will watch TV all day and night..hahaha..and my assignments will never be done on time :D)

so...I'd better talk about the news fron CNN (rather than the oscar one...hehehe) that made your mommy's feminist side explode..lol Today, I read something from BBC (of course not watching! cause I don't have TV...hahaha)...which bugged me a little as well..

"A woman left infertile after cancer treatment cannot use her frozen embryos to have a baby, the European Court of Human Rights has ruled" http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/4779876.stm

Since I've been here...I've learnt a lot about what've been going on in this world...err *sigh*....just hope that things will be better...(hope to be the one who participate in the changing process ;)....oh..nothing about oscar...hahaha....I'm always out of track...as usual...LOL

Have a nice 'bite' day! ^___^

7/3/06 12:41 PM  
Blogger schnoodlepooh said...

all I can say is that Vincent D'Onofrio is extremly cool in his role on Law and Order: CI. A combination of Detective Columbo and yes, the smartest guy on TV. We love him.

7/3/06 10:07 PM  

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