03 March 2006

punch out dr. phil...

go on! you know you want to, (if you're anything like mommy, you wanted to even before you read about the two fancy-schmancy cars he's selling). come on, you can almost taste it, can't ya? go on...it's easy. all ya have to do is go to celebrity punchout and you're in business! mommy did. in fact, she punched dr. phil out in under 12 seconds... (it took a few more for paris hilton and dubya). and she laughed and laughed and laughed--tho' you should know she's not a violent person. not in the least little bit. that said, she'll gladly go back for the chance to smack around bill o'reilly.
note: in the spirit of full disclosure, i want you to know i found the above link on one of mommy's favorite blog sites, sweetney.com. mommy says sweetney totally rocks! besides the fact that she's an excellent writer, one of many things about sweetney that impresses mommy so much is that she's constantly finding/linking to cool sites for her readers to peruse/enjoy. mommy's a huge fan.


Anonymous Joel said...

Are we feeling aggressive? Should I be worried?

love you

3/3/06 8:33 PM  

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