28 February 2006

bobo's fine.

not that you've been asking about him, lately. wait a tick... why haven't you been asking about him lately??? don't you care about our precious little bobo banjoey (the dog not the blog)?? i'm mean, come on! he's been battling an ear infection since january and we've all been out of our minds with worry. all of us, that is, but you. yeah, i'm talking to you. you there sitting at the kitchen counter in those fuzzy blue slippers and tattered terry bathrobe. you with the toussled-ratty-bed-hair and remnants of last night's makeup still smeared across the corners of your mouth (that nars flaming dust was a great color for you last night... but the morning after? not so much). you go on now... just finish up with that crossword puzzle and/or stale banana nut muffin. zap that final cup of luke warm coffee in the microwave and check your e-mail... call madge, edith, and luanne. immerse yourself in the latest gossip of the day. but, whatever you do, don't give the bobo another thought. you just let us worry about him while you get on with your busy/important/not-worryin'-about-the-bobo day. really. he's fine.
"Don't accept your dog's admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful." ~ Ann Landers


Anonymous joel said...

Sooooo glad the BoBo is better...he's way too special to have an ear infection or any other malady for that matter.

Love you - can't wait to get home from hotlanta.

28/2/06 1:14 PM  
Blogger puppytoes said...

hurry home! we're all waitin' for ya!


28/2/06 2:19 PM  

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