24 February 2006

funny funny funny.

that's all. as far as i'm concerned, this is just funnyfunnyfunny. and i think it will be to anyone who is already and/or will soon be a new parent. heck, it should be funny to even those of you who were new parents a long time ago, (like mommy, who actually laughed her ass off) * ** ***

* if you're a regular daily show (hands down the best show on the tv) viewer, chances are you've already seen this piece.

** when the window opens, if the video doesn't start right away, click on the part that says "enter now" ( you can do that, can't you?)

*** made ya look! hahahahahaha! (what? you thought i was joking in my earlier post about the crazy pills i must be taking? are you new here?) actually... heh heh... as long as you are here, i was thinking that if you've yet to jump on the colbert report bandwagon, you really should. tho' worried in the beginning that he'd wind up in tongue-in-cheek conservative-talk-show hell, stephen colbert's dry humor has won mommy and daddy over, big time. to find out why, check out his "official" website, colbert nation. much like the colbert report, it's silly-yet-smart and very freakin'-funnyfunnyfunny.
programming note. actually, this was a programming not. as in "guess what the tivo did not record last night"...
remember when daddy told you that mommy was forced to watch dancing with the stars when she went to visit her sister in new brownexico? and how worried he was about mommy's slide back into the pits of reality tv hell? and how daddy decided to go along with mommy's viewing choices just to keep her company on the couch? well, last night's show was the final competition between the top 3 couples, featuring wwe diva stacy cute-as-a-button-with-the-most-amazing-and-longest-legs-we've-ever-seen keibler; football great jerry you've-made-so-many-pretty-catches-from-passes-thrown-by-joe-montana-but-you-still-can't-dance-for-shit rice (you're fun to watch, jerry, but ya really didn't belong in the finals and lisa lips rinna did... but i digress); and former 98 degrees boy-band-boy baritone drew you're-so-adorable-and-we-lovelovelove-your-dance-partner-cheryl-oh-and-we're-sorry-about-your-brother-nick's-divorce-tho'-we-suspect-he'll-be-better-off-without-her lachey. in case you've yet to notice, mommy and daddy have invested no small amount of time to this stupid show since they started watching a few weeks ago. so the fact that, due to some bizarre and completely annoying programming error, tivo only recorded the first hour and a half of the show... which meant mommy and daddy got to watch everything but the final everything-and-or-anything-goes dances of the three finalists was, to say the least, a problem. now, this may not seem like a big deal to you, but mommy and daddy were... freaked out inconsolable distressed upset miffed mildly disappointed. good thing they're not so involved they're actually voting for their personal favorites, 'cuz then, they would be pissed.
they really do need help.


Anonymous Joel said...

I laughed out loud...those around me are now questioning my sanity, but that's okay.

love you...be home soon.

24/2/06 5:22 PM  
Blogger puppytoes said...

i knew you'd like that! : )

hurry home! i'm actually... cooking.

love you, too!

24/2/06 5:23 PM  

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