20 February 2006


and pretty darn so, if i do say so myself, which i do. see for yourself

on the other hand
this is what ya might call tragic (in a pathetic how-could-they-let-this-poor-kitty-get-so-doggone-fat? sort of way)
and, finally, since i was speaking of the whoreslut meredith on grey's anatomy in my earlier post today, i made this for you (might want to open it in another window, cuz you won't be able to get back here). i know, i know. it's kind of silly/odd/freaky. but, guess what? once you make one of these yourself, i believe you'll discover it's also weirdly addictive. (in a silly/odd/freakish sort of way) tee hee! by the way, i totally ripped two of these items off from dave barry's blog. i'm guessin' he won't mind, but, just in case, let's try to keep our mouths the opposite of the way whoreslut meredith keeps her legs... i.e. shut.


Blogger Sar said...

Hi Puppytoes! Thanks for your great comment on my site today. :)

20/2/06 11:42 PM  

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