17 February 2006

no. this is not funny. is it?

as you may or may not know, fox news has decreed the story of the shooting of the guy doing the thing at the place by the man who is the f*cking vice president of the united states is... over. it's run its course. that's right, it's finished. yeah baby, this piece of information is yesterday's news. it's not the least bit interesting in any way, shape, or form. ya hear me?? it's finito. totally kaput. this drivel has had the fork stuck in it and by gosh and by golly folks, it's done! it's a dead horse that can simply take no more beating. (to watch how jon stewart covered this aspect of the story on the daily show--hands down the best show on tv--click here...then click on the window with the elephant (like the one you see on the right) and slug "use the force". trust me, this is beyond hilarious) which then makes this not even a little funny. right? okay... maybe just a little funny. or, is it? is this funny? or is this just the most ridiculously stupid thing we've ever seen in all our born days? maybe it's just, you know, dumb. yeah, i'm thinking that's what it is, dumb. but in a kind of funny and/or stupid way. i give up. ah, what the heck, why don't i report... and let you decide...
by the way, nice of ol' harry whittington to apologize to the dick-face vice-president for getting shot in the face by the vice-president. sigh. are we all taking crazy pills?


Blogger BoBo Banjoey said...

who knew little Sophie had such strong political opinions??? She is one complex pup.

Love you

17/2/06 6:15 PM  
Blogger puppytoes said...

mostly she finds this stuff pretty darn amusing. just imagine what she'd be like if she was really into politics?

love you, too!

17/2/06 6:33 PM  
Blogger Freda said...

Hey Puppytoes,

I'm glad YOU posted it and not my secretary. In the past, he has spoken out about the mental void inside that Beltway back east , but I have had to remove several postin's because my blog is MY blog and it's a reflection on me. Bein' a dog I just pee on those that bug me. Unfortunately I can't get to Texas, Wyoming or DC.
Thanks greatly!



20/2/06 6:33 PM  

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