15 February 2006

killer greenies??

say it ain't

and... in other disturbing news: vice-president richard "dick-face" cheney has decided to "take responsibility" for the shooting. the shooting in which he, vice-president richard "dick-face" cheney, shot a 78 year old man. in the face. while they were out hunting. dick-face cheney says it was just "terrible". says he feels bad. says he'll never forget the sight of "his friend falling"-- and writhing in pain, which is what i imagine a 78 year old man would do if he had just been shot in the f*cking face by the vice-president of the united states and then had a heart attack as a result of being shot in the face by the f*cking vice-president of the united states! (hey! in case you've been dyin' to know what our illustrious vp sounds like when actually taking responsibility for anything, you can watch a clip of him doing just that here... oh, and as long as you're there, for a really good laugh scroll down and watch the clip entitled "meanwhile, back at the ranch" from the daily show (hands down the best show on the tv). trust me, you won't be sorry.)
is it just me, or is it more than a little disturbing that when katherine armstrong (the vp's huntin' buddy) told the press about the shooting, she also said that accidents like this are fairly common? i mean, i'm no fan, but gee whiz, richard "dick-face" cheney is the freaking vice-president of the freaking united states, for cryin' out loud, what if he had been shot? last time i looked, he has a heart condition, too.
finally, and as long as i'm on this subject... does anyone think this accident will have any effect at all on the bush administration's stance on gun control? anyone? anyone?


Blogger actonbell said...

No, I do not think this incident will change this admin's stance on gun control. But that's a wonderful question.

It's going to come out that there was alcohol involved in this, too.

I like your book list on your profile, and thanks for visiting:)

15/2/06 7:13 PM  
Blogger puppytoes said...

it's already been intimated that there was beer involved! (of course, cheney says he only had one at lunch, so, no biggie... what else is he gonna say?) and visiting your website was a pleasure! thank you!

15/2/06 7:47 PM  

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