09 February 2006

gasp! love monkey...


those bastards! daddy just gave me that update. cbs has cancelled... love monkey. ripped that puppy right out of their schedule. crap. well, truth be told... mommy & daddy understand (kind of) why cbs has "pulled" love monkey from its schedule. it did need some work... some re-tooling (those stupid hats they kept putting on tom cavanaugh, for one thing). but, cancelled? after 3 freaking episodes?? what's up with that? did it not get gonzo ratings after three whole weeks? no?? gee. imagine that. give me a break. it's insanity. insanity, i tell you, insanity! this is exactly the reason mommy hates working in television. one minute you're the executive producer of a network television show, and before you can say f*cking network executives, your show is cancelled to make room for an aaron f*cking spelling f*cking soap f*cking opera full of big-f*cking-boobed babes in f*cking bikinis. f*ck 'em all. who needs them, anyway? (bitter? mommy? oh no...not at all)
okay... here's the real truth... the worst thing about love monkey's cancellation is the fact that i now have no excuse to write the words love monkey. seriously. i'm gonna miss that.


Blogger BoBo Banjoey said...

glad you're not the bitter type! love you

9/2/06 8:27 PM  
Blogger puppytoes said...

bitter? me? nah...how 'bout you? (after all, it was your deal, to start with...) tee hee!!! love you xoxox

9/2/06 9:12 PM  

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