03 February 2006

you sophie...me, maxxy

hi sophie! i don't really have time to write (it's that thing with your mommy and my mommy and all that in and out and in and out that they keep doing... and... and... and i'm exhausted just telling you about it.) still, since we've never oficially met, i thought i'd show you a few more pics of me... and, as you'll soon see, you and i really are related (at least that's what your daddy told your mommy today). i'll have to get these up fast, before my mommy comes in and deletes more pictures off your mommy's camera and i have to listen to your mommy whine... and my mommy laugh and laugh and laugh (apparently my mommy is way more picky about pictures than your mommy is, so, everytime your mommy takes a picture of me that my mommy doesn't like, she deletes it, which, i think, is driving your mommy a little crazy)
anyway old way, before they both drive me crazy... here's a speedy little show and tell:
1. me being veryvery cute while waiting with my mommy for your mommy to come outside so they can go to someplace called starbucks and get something called a grande-soy-no-whip-mocha... whatever that is.
2. me being veryvery cute with my most favorite toy in the whole world... my red ball. which isn't really a ball, but that's what my mommy calls it, so that's what it is... don't ask.
3. me being veryvery cute with one of my other favorite toys, the blue wiener doggie... i like to shake this thing and then have someone throw it so i can get it and shake it again. it doesn't sound like fun, and yet, it is. go figure.
4. me...just being veryvery cute. this is what i do all day long. when i look like this (which is all day long) my people... and now, your mommy, are powerless to resist my pleas for attention/treats/throwing things that i like to fetch and shake and fetch again.

well, that's all i have time for, for now... your mommy and my mommy are gettin' ready to do something, tho' i don't exactly know what--i think it has something to do with toes, but that doesn't make sense to me, nevertheless, whatever it means, i'm pretty sure i should be going with them to make sure there they don't do anything reallyreally fun without me. so, for now, i'm just gonna make like a cow pie... and hit the trail! ~ maxxy

"The dog is the god of frolic." ~ Henry Ward Beecher


Blogger BoBo Banjoey said...

you may have to bring him home with you...too cute. Love you

3/2/06 7:57 PM  
Blogger schnoodlepooh said...

Maxie is very cute. I'm kind of confused with the mommy thing though.

3/2/06 9:17 PM  
Blogger puppytoes said...

yeah...i kept getting confused with the mommy thing, too! two mommies... 4 puppies between 'em... is it any wonder? fortunately, my mommy is home with me now, so it should be easier to keep things straight! : )

7/2/06 2:18 PM  

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