02 February 2006

Letter to Mom

Dear Mom in New Mexico,

Hope you're having a good time. things are okay here, I guess, just kind of boring. with you not around there's nobody to do the little "kitchen dances" that crack me up...nobody to chase me around the house during the day...and nobody talks to me as much as you do. daddy tries his best to fill the void, he really does, but let's face it he's gone all day and last night by the time he got around to fixing our dinner I think he was pretty pooped (heehee, I said pooped). oh he gave it his best shot, we played our "tummy game" for about a second and he laughed as the BoBo raced around the house in celebration of his arrival home but it wasn't the same. oh and get this...for dinner...he had soup. SOUP! for crying out loud...you know what that means...it was slim pickings for me. no matter how much i begged no matter how much i whimpered (and who can resist the whimper, i mean really!)...no matter how many times I poked his arm he just wouldn't share. i mean seriously, the bowl was plenty big for the both of us. i did get a few tiny crumbs of bagel...ooooh big woop!

so anyway...we're surviving but we miss you. BoBo sends his love and Max...well, Max is just barking like he always does...frankly, I have no idea what he's saying and i don't have the patience to try and find out.


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