01 February 2006

sad puppy eyes

heavy sigh...

feelin a bit blue today...my mom is off to see her sister in New Mexico and won't be home till Super Bowl Sunday (whatever that is). my dad's trying to capture my voice today but I'm pretty sure it's a girl thing between mom and me so bear with him, he's trying...mommy and me have a special connection, afterall she's the one that brought me into this family and we girls are outnumbered in the house so we have to stick together! the only good thing about mommy being away is daddy feels totally sorry for me and buys into my pouty demeanor hook, line, and sinker (huh?)...which means more attention from him...and even better...more treats!! works on boy #1 too! heeheehee...guess that's a guy thing.


Blogger puppytoes said...

i'm here, little girl! and i miss you, too... i'm not very good on my sister's computer, so it may be a bit longer before i'm able to write anything worthwhile... : ( xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo (for daddy,bobo, and max & fuzzy butt...and, yes, for those boys, too...)

1/2/06 8:36 PM  

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