31 January 2006

slobber kisses for daddy...

daddy's definitely on the slobber kiss list today. that's because he spent hours and hours and hours last night trying to find insurance for the two-big-boys-who-will-not-go-to-school-or-get-jobs-or-move-out-of-the-house-or-clean-up-the-dishes-or-bathroom-for-that-matter. it's no real surprise that, once those two boys reached a certain age, daddy's company would no longer allow daddy to keep 'em on the family insurance plan, unless they happened to be "full-time students", which, if you had been reading-not-skimming through everysinglewordijustwrote, you'd know, they're not. i'm pretty sure this hasn't been a fun task for daddy... checking out all those companies, reading through all those policies (so many worms, so little time!). still, daddy did it. and, trust me, mommy knows he was a busy little insurance-huntin' beaver, because manymany of the companies daddy sent e-mails to have called here... causing mommy to have to do something she really hates to do. talk to salespeople on the phone. but she does it, and she does it, willingly. she does it for daddy. yep, she tells the nice, eager salespeople that she will happily take down their names and numbers, so she can have daddy call them later.
i probably don't need to tell you, but this is pretty much how mommy handles all money-related transactions that she finds boring (like mortgages, taxes, and, user instructions for her ipod mini...). she knows it's wrong. she's nothing, if not a feminist who believes in shared responsibilities. alas, she can't help it. mommy's eyes get crossed every time she tries to read all those worms that comprise big, important phrases like --in this case-- "primary health-care provider" or "major medical with small meaningless deductible of a paltry $45,000 and/or your first born grandchild, whichever comes first" or "subject to magnifying glass-like scrutiny of monkeys up their ass insurance form scrutinizers". mommy just can't process all this stuff. so, she 'let's' daddy do it. then, everyone is happy. except, maybe daddy, because, why should he have to suffer through enough terminology to gag a maggot? why? because he can. and because he will. my daddy has such an amazing zen approach to so many of life's difficulties, large and small, that he is, indeed, the world's greatest problem solver. how, you ask, does he do it? i haven't a clue... maybe he channels some of bobo's inner dalai. it doesn't really matter. he gets shit done. and that's why he's gettin' a face-full of big, wet slobbery kisses as soon as he gets home. and, when mommy's done, i might give him one or two, myself.
"I know the answer! The answer lies within the heart of all mankind! The answer is twelve? I think I'm in the wrong building." ~ Charles M. Schulz (Peanuts)


Anonymous Leela said...

I sympathize with daddy's task and agree he deserves many kudos for his efforts! I shopped around for health insurance for us in October-November. (So kudos for me too:)) His post-doc is considered a temporary position so the university does not offer health coverageā€¦so I now know far more than I wanted to about shopping for private health care. I realize now how great our benefits were at Rutgersā€¦even post-docs (who are full-time employees) and graduate assistants (part-timers) got health benefits.

31/1/06 3:15 PM  
Blogger puppytoes said...

this is one of those many times when we truly lament hillary's failed/foiled efforts to create a national healthcare plan. wa-a-ay back (in my youth) when i was on the road, i required medical attention in canada, and was able to get what i needed, likethat! hopefully you guys will be at a place in your lives soon where insurance won't be so much of an issue...(is going back to rutgers an option? i know we'd sure like to see you living back up this way...) : )

31/1/06 3:51 PM  

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