27 January 2006

all things monkey...

(sort of)
last night, mommy & daddy watched another episode of love monkey... a show that's, apparently, growing on them, tho', i might add, they still think it has a few awkward kinks in it. they think it's supposed to be an ensemble-ish dramady, but some of the on-sohm is a little bleh... they're not sure all the characters are gonna make the cut as the story-lines get more developed. that said, overall my people think love monkey does have a lot of potential, enough to make 'em stick around for a few more weeks. one character they are truly impressed with, by the way, is the "unknown" young singer/composer with an amazing talent, who is discovered by tom cavanaugh's character. this "discovery" is played by a young man named teddy geiger, who, in real life, is only 17, and has an amazing talent. in fact, this kid is a songwriting prodigy (and self-taught musician -- by the time he was 8, this kid was composing and arranging music for guitar and piano. by way of comparison, let's just say mommy was playing with her first barbie doll around that same age, and leave it at that...). if possible, teddy geiger is even more adorable than tom cavanaugh (and we've already established the fact that he's "cute as a button"). okay, that's all i'm gonna say, for now, about love monkey. otherwise i might fall back into a cotton-spitting stupor again, and we can't have that, can we? no... there'll be no more talk of love monkey, today.
moving right along, one of the biggest pains in the ass for mommy, is the nightly quandry of "what to have for dinner". two nights ago, mommy's decision was made oh-so-much easier due to the fact that daddy was out-of-town, and she only had to worry about herself and one of the boys. she prepared a delicious meal of grilled cheese sandwiches, complemented by a container of applesauce. of course, since daddy wound up returning home in time for a late nite bite, and he was hungryhungryhungry, mommy had to leap into action and whip up a nutritious emergency meal, which was, of course, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. it, too, was delicious. (this picture, obviously, is not of a sandwich, but the 4peanut butter jelly song3 cracks mommy up so much i decided to use the illustration from the stupid video. sorry. by the way, daddy didn't realize there was audio with this little clip, but there is, so crank up the volume! otherwise, it's just stupid cheesy animation.) now, where was i? oh yeah... last night mommy realized there was nothing good to eat in the house so she decided they'd have chinese, which she then ordered from one of their favorite restaurants. deciding what to order is easy for mommy, because she always gets the veggie lo mein and mu shu vegetable, which daddy likes, too. but the boys were a different story. the younger boy nearly opted for crispy sesame shrimp, described as "a remarkable dish that consists of jumbo shrimp marinated & quickly fried w. crispy, then topped w. our unbendable sesame sauce". yum, the boy said, i love their unbendable sesame sauce. but, ya know, maybe i should have the dragon and the phoenix, which has lobster in a szechuan chili sauce that's spicy and inviting on the other is house special chicken. which never falls in delighting. can't go wrong with something that "never falls in delighting", can ya?. the other boy considered the plumb duck, until he noticed that it was the perfect dish for an evening of wine & rose. certain it wouldn't be the same without wine & rose, he opted, instead, for monkey balls. (kidding! i kid! i was just trying to tie this back to the aforementioned theme of "all things monkey". sorry.)
one highlight i failed to mention yesterday, was the fact that, 4 days after his birthday, the the boy (formerly known-for a day-as-"the birthday boy") finally opened his presents!!!! sadly, there was nothing delicious in any of those gaily wrapped packages, but the boy did seem pleased to get dave barry's new book, money secrets, (which seems like something the boy might need/want to learn about veryvery quickly). the boy also received a cd on learning to speak chinese (because that's what the boy asked for and who knows or cares to know why...), the complete set of seasons 1 & 2 of battlestar galactica on dvd (because science fiction is alive and well in this household)... blahblahblah other stuff (because i can't remember), and... ta-da! a stuffed monkey. a stupid stuffed purple monkey. (because... because... well, because.)
now that the weekend is here, mommy and daddy are looking forward to more entertaining--albeit violent--viewing... no, they'll not be watching football (are there any games this week? didn't think so, but ya can never be too sure.). no, kids, i'm sorry to say, my people will be firmly ensconced in their couches watching one of their new favorite programs, law and order: criminal intent. how sad is it, anyway, that they now have, like, a dozen, episodes recorded on their tivo? or that trying to outguess detectives on a whodunnit show would provide them with so much enjoyment. have they no life? oh, wait, heh heh, after reading through daddy's 4blog3, i only just this minute realized, the answer to that is... no.
"Guns don't kill people, people kill people, and monkeys do too (if they have a gun)." ~ Eddie Izzard


Blogger BoBo Banjoey said...

we may be sad but we're happy...does that make sense? love the quote...adore you.

27/1/06 12:21 PM  
Blogger puppytoes said...

the quote was meant as a final tie-in to the whole "all things monkey" theme ... and i think it did so rather nicely! oh, and, notice how i didn't reference any monkeys flying out of anyone's butt today? i thought about it... but, then i decided to maintain a more dignified tone. (yeah, right) tee hee. and, yes, we are happy and that really is all that matters! adore you, too! xoxoxo

27/1/06 12:35 PM  

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