25 January 2006

the tree guys/fence guys are... back!

hooray! whee! yippee!! one need only look out the back window to see the yard fairly bursting with tree guy/fence guy activity. power saws a'buzzin'! sweaty men a'carryin' arms full of fallen timber! branches & large chunks of wood a'chippin'!
oooh! and looky over there! fence guys have already finished with at least part of their attempt at a'mendin'! and i'm quite sure no one will ever be able to tell which section of the fence was damaged in the first place! i mean, that new piece blends in so well, don't ya think?
with all the hubbub, bub, can normal life be far behind? i think not.
did i mention the fact that i'm not feeling terribly bloggish today? apparently, in my little world, this is a slow news day. so there's that. then, to make matters boring, daddy's in atlanta for the day...which means he's not providing me with any inspiration, either. what can i say? this is why i gave you that link to dave barry's website, in my earlier post. you want entertainment? go there.


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