21 January 2006

a tragedy...

... of near epic proportions was narrowly averted today, when the parents of a bloggish puppy-dog, managed to race out of the house and in to the puppy store in order to replenish a totally depleted supply of greenies... which are, as everyone knows, the most delectable of all treats ever offered up in the history of the world to one sweet precocious little puppy girl.
i nearly had a panic attack, said sophie, the sweet, precocious little puppy girl. it was all i could do to keep from biting random toes -- including my own -- all morning!
awww, it was no biggie. really... i knew they'd never let us go all day without our treats, remarked zen master, dalai bobo, who knew his people would never let their treasured puppies to go all day without treats.
we were out of greenies? said the impossibly stupid, insensitive, hard-of-hearing, so-wimpy-sometimes-i-could-just-smack-him-but-my-people-wont-let-me-and-what's-up-with-that-anyway max.
a person familiar with the situation (mommy) said that the whole ordeal might have been avoided, had a certain family member (daddy) ordered up a fresh supply of the tasty treats a few days sooner. the certain family member (daddy) called that statement a lie from the pits of hell, but the person familiar with the situation (mommy) said it was not.
the traumatized puppies have been reassured by a concerned/annoyed source close to all parties that an active investigation is underway, and that any and/or all responsible for the reprehensible faux paz will be forced to clean out the cat box for the next two weeks.


Blogger BoBo Banjoey said...

hey, who made me the bad guy? I see how this works - I'm responsible for getting the treats and mommy gets to hand them out.

21/1/06 4:34 PM  

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