17 January 2006

when the vet says...
hmmmm... this looks worse, is that a time to worry? 'cuz it's been 6 days since bobo was first diagnosed with an ear infection, but when mommy took bobo back to the doctor today those were his words after he looked inside bobo's infected ear. hmmmm this looks worse. honestly, i'm feeling a little shaken and i'm just not sure i can stay focused enough to do justice to all that interesting stuff i planned to write about this afternoon. you know, things like: why didn't the office and/or arrested f*cking development win a golden globe for best comedy? or what's the deal with that creepy bug guy who won't leave mommy alone? all that matters right now is that bobo's not better yet. sigh... i'm so verklempt i can't think straigh...... hey! do my eyes deceive me, or is mommy fixing lasagna for dinner? mmmmmm... yummy! i don't know if i've ever mentioned this before, but her vegetarian lasagna is delicious! huh? wazzat? who-watty? oh... heh heh. bobo! eh... couple o' days on the new meds -- he'll be fine.


Blogger Busy Mom said...

Hope Bobo is better soon!!

17/1/06 11:23 PM  
Blogger BoBo Banjoey said...

Nothing comes between Sophie and her food...nothing...love you

18/1/06 8:45 AM  

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