11 January 2006

conversations with odd...
(an ongoing series)

overheard last night from inside the boy's bathroom: ... oh! ouch! arghhh!

(20 seconds later)
no way! you bitch! holy shit motherf*cker! i did not do that!

(1 minute later) i can't believe this...oh shit oh shit oh shit. yeah baby, that's it...you're going down!

(1 minute later) whoa... wait wait wa-a-it ... nooooo! crap! okay...uh-huh! that's right bitch that's right...you think you can hurt me? you think you can hurt me??? take that!! you whore! fuh-uh-uhck!

(10 seconds later from outside the bathroom door) uh...son? are you playing a video game in there...or should we be worried?

(he was...so they weren't)


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