09 January 2006

bobo's booboo...

poor baby boy, has a nasty ear infection after all... : ( but, thanks to the care and expert attention of veterinarian extrordinaire -- the fabulous dr. kramer, bobo will be back to normal in no time a'tall... (which won't be fast enough for bobo, but what can be done?)
of course, the little guy would probably get well even faster if mommy hadn't been so dang sure she still had medicine left over from my last ear infection. because that's what she told the good doctor when he asked, which is why he didn't give her a new prescription. well imagine her dismay to discover, when she got back home, that she did not! aieee! bad girl, mommy!! now you're forced to make a trip all the way back to greenwich first thing in the morning. you just think about that missy, and just be grateful the precious bobo doesn't need another treatment today... otherwise there'd be hell to pay, i tell you, hell. tsk tsk mommy...get your act together, otherwise i'll have no choice but to bite your freakin' toes. and i'll do it...oh yes, i will do it!


Blogger Busy Mom said...

Here's to a speedy recovery!

10/1/06 12:42 PM  
Blogger puppytoes said...

thank you! it's amazing how much faster bobo is getting better now that he has his medicine! (dogs and kids are like that... or so i hear!) : )

10/1/06 12:53 PM  

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