09 January 2006

as promised...

yesterday we all had fun fun fun after that delicious brunch (and after mommy and daddy got back from another of their long walks). we romped and played and wrestled and pee'd and did all the things good puppies do when they get to run around in the front yard. in case you're wondering about the actual allure of the front yard, it's quite simple, really, it's not... the back yard. the back yard is fine. the back yard is large. the back yard is full of squirrels and trees and stuff. but the back yard is always the same. on the other hand, the front yard is different. different trees. different squirrels. different smells every time we're out there... don't ask me why, i'm a dog, for crying out loud, not an animal behaviorist... i haven't a clue. but there it is. and we love it! max had an especially good time after he located the perfect tree branches for relieving his bad case of the itchies.

you'll be happy to know, the fun didn't stop there... after we all came in (and after we had our din-din) daddy ordered pizza, and, as you may have guessed, it was delicious. once our bellies were full, we all relaxed on the couch while mommy and daddy (pitiful souls that they are) watched yet another episode of law and order: criminal intent (and just how pathetic is it that one of the highlights of the day for them was that mom discoverd there were multiple airings of that show on bravo -- which she dutifully tivo'ed so they would have even more episodes to watch throughout the week... i can't even think about it).

unfortunately, yesterday's festivities might have taken a bit more out of bobo than anyone thought, for he woke daddy up4very early3 this morning (3:30 am counts as early, right?) and kind of kept him up until daddy's alarm went off at 5:55 am (daddy's a worry wart when it comes to us -- apparently he used to be that way about the two big boys when they were the two little boys, and a wee bit more helpless than they are now, (which is a discussion for another time/day) -- so a good way to keep daddy awake is to snort and scratch and move around the bedroom a lot. sometimes, this can be really fun, because daddy will get up as many times as he deems necessary to see what's up... cursing mommy under his breath, i imagine, because she manages to sleep through anything)... this time, however, daddy's concern was well placed, for it seems our dear bobo may have an ear infection. i feel really sorry for him, because i had one a few weeks ago, and it sucked.

"Never a lip is curved with pain That can't be kissed into smiles again." ~ Bret Harte (courtesy great-quotes.com)


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Sophie is such an entertaining writer!
Love you

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