06 January 2006

is god pissed off at daddy?
short answer? NO. but in truth, this may be a question worth pondering for the next little while. if you're curious as to why i'm pondering, it's because i just read my daddy's latest bobo banjoey entry, which you can read 4HERE3. but before i get in to the whole question of god being pissed/sort of pissed/not pissed off in any way/shape/form at my daddy, i need to to know something: what, exactly, is the deal with with this guy, pat roberston? i've heard mommy rant 'n rave more than a few times over some of the things he's apparently said on his political/prayer meetin' show that airs on the abc family channel. not that i would know details, mind you, but i do know he's been praying for people to... die (members of the supreme court/the president of venezuela/bill and/or hillary clinton supporters... uh, okay, so as far as mom knows, pat robertson hasn't actually expressed that last sentiment in public, but she's fairly certain he does in private...) wait a tick... did i just say his show airs on the abc family channel? isn't that a channel that purports to embrace/portray family values??? since when do family values include preaching/praying for the untimely demise of those who disagree with pat robertson? this is just creepy, and this pat robertson person sounds to me like someone god's gonna smite with a good toe biting. (while god's at it, perhaps he should smite alaska's senator ted stevens, too...for different reasons, mind you, which we may explore at a different time).
but now, back to my original query... is god pissed off at daddy? as i said before, no. god is NOT pissed off at daddy, in fact, god thinks daddy is pretty goddam fantastic!. how do i know this? because god would never let me or bobo live in a house with people he didn't personally adore. oh sure, maybe my people's ideologies are not those embraced by the pat robertsons of the world, but i'm pretty goddam sure god could care less. he doesn't give a shit about which prayers are said at which church in which order... last time i looked, he cares about folks who care about other folks...and puppies. and that's the truth, tap tap no erasies...
"Every day people are straying away from the church and going back to God." ~ Lenny Bruce (courtesy great-quotes.com)


Blogger BoBo Banjoey said...

Wow! Little Sophie breaks out! Go Girl!

Love you.

6/1/06 12:22 PM  
Blogger puppytoes said...

she's fairly opinionated on certain topics, in case you haven't noticed...heehee. love you, too! xoxox

6/1/06 6:13 PM  

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