04 January 2006

tomorrow is cleaning day...
know what that means? it means mommy has to spend the rest of today cleaning the house so it won't be too messy/dirty for the cleaning lady. what's up with that? of course, she could have taken care of some of this mess last night, but she and daddy were too busy with other more important things... which you can read about 4here3 (oh, and, if you actually do click on to daddy's blog to read about mommy & daddy's action packed evening, you might as well scroll down a bit further so you can click on to sign the petition regarding arrested development, too. toes are at stake here, people...as in the freakin' toes i'm gonna have to bite if that show really gets cancelled)
mommy thought about being embarassed when daddy wrote about their hot 'n heavy evening, but then she realized that it could have been worse. instead of another episode of law and order: criminal intent, they could have been watching re-re-re-runs of murder she wrote, and, instead of watching the first 30 minutes of 50 first dates, they could have been watching...re-runs of friends. oh wait a tick... they were watching re-runs of friends...
okay, so maybe they are pitiful, but ya know what? they honestly don't care. and, now that bobo's back from his nice long walk with mommy and can settle down for his nice long napper, he doesn't care, either. oh, and, just so you know... i never did.
"Housework, if it's done right, can kill you." ~ John Skow


Blogger BoBo Banjoey said...

You're a natural...how did you learn to do word links? I'm jealous...I adore you.

4/1/06 6:17 PM  

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