05 January 2006

i'm not a big fan...

of the early wake-up call... as far as i can tell, it's still dark outside and that makes me think i should still be sleeping. which is why i'm still trying to sleep. my business can wait... i'm so tired, even my greenies can wait (which should be a clue as to how sleepy i am, since i rarely allow anything to get in the way of my morning greenie). it's a strain on bobo, too.
sigh. the cause for all this is "phase 2" of cleaning day, where-in mommy leaps out of bed right after daddy heads out to work and makes every attempt to complete the task of straightening up the house so that the house can be cleaned. it's actually quite hilarious, because she generally winds up shoving everything not in its place into her closet... i'm talking piles of clothing, stacks of un-read magazines and catalogs, make-up, shoes, socks, books, old mail, hammers, bottles of downey wrinkle-relaxer (did i mention she hates to iron?), rolls of christmas wrapping paper (because it's one thing to actually get gifts wrapped, and quite another to put the wrapping papers/scissors/tape away). once the cleaning lady has left, it takes mommy another hour or so to remove the aforementioned articles from her closet... they still won't have a home, as far as i can tell, which means she'll wind up going through this entire ordeal next week. i'm exhausted just thinking about it.

meanwhile, the boy claimed he was gonna get up early today in order to go run a few errands with mom... HAHAHAHA!
"The best cure for insomnia is to get a lot of sleep." ~ W.C. Fields


Blogger BoBo Banjoey said...

Knew little BoBo was tired...he came down to go outside around ten of seven and literally raced back in to the house and didn't stop until he was in the family room curled up going back to sleep. Very cute. I adore you!!

5/1/06 8:53 AM  

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