07 January 2006

first, a message from the bobo...
i'm not at all very sorry i talked sophie into linking to that funny stupid blond joke. blond jokes are not stupid funny. they are hilarious degrading and irritating and i should be proud ashamed of myself for convincing her to put it in her blog. i'm making this statement under extreme threat of a good toe biting of my own accord because sometimes sophie scares even me i realized the error of my ways. and for the record, i am NOT a blond, but my mommy technically is. thank you for your time. peace out. bobo
now that we've cleared that up, i think we can move on to other more important topics, like what did mommy and daddy watch and kind of enjoy last night? (the book of daniel) and what did mommy and daddy discover that made them both wa-aay happier than it should have, which, when i think about it, is more than a little scary? (of number of here-to-fore unseen episodes of law and order: criminal intent that will be airing over the next week and that they've already programmed their tivo to record.) also, the sleeptracker watch arrived yesterday, and the boy is laying in bed asleep with it firmly attached to his wrist even as i write. will it work? will we find out that "waking up has never been easier"?
these are things worth exploring, people, and i fully intend to. but not right this minute, because it's time for my morning nap. stay tuned...
"I'm not offended by dumb blonde jokes because I know that I'm not dumb. I also know I'm not blonde." ~ Dolly Parton (courtesy BrainyQuote)


Blogger BoBo Banjoey said...

See you are clever...you make me laugh out loud...I love this. I think you need to write a book!
love you

7/1/06 11:09 AM  

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