08 January 2006

egg snot...
an occasional tradition around here is the sunday brunch... which usually consists of blueberry muffins, vegetarian sausages, and scrambled eggs with cheese. it may not sound/ look like much, but trust me, it's delicious. it's always fun to be in the kitchen when mommy is preparing these food items (come to think of it, it's always fun to be in the kitchen when mommy is preparing any food item, because she's so rarely engaged in that activity, but i digress...) anyway, it's fun because A) one never knows what sliver of tasty something might hit the floor and B) one is constantly amused when watching mommy obsessively remove egg snot from the rest of the egg before she scrambles & cooks 'em... now, i think it's safe to assume that most people don't give egg snot a second thought, but mommy considers that thick white substance to be an egregious assault on her senses (as if she had any...). it all started one day while i was mixing up chocolate chip cookie dough she'll tell anyone who'll listen, i had just put a spoonful of cookie dough in my mouth and suddenly, i bit down on something slimy-yet-kinda-chewy... and more than a little disgusting. i didn't know what that shit was, but it sure as heck didn't belong in my cookie dough, let alone, my mouth! that was it. from that day forward, whenever mom cooks and/or bakes, she takes out her trusty spoon and works ever-so-diligently to ensure no egg snot will find its way into any food that might, then, be finding its way past her lips and into her mouth. now, i know you can't see it very well in the picture, but, i assure you, there is a wad of white egg snot on the edge there... one of 11 mommy carefully plucked out the the bowl this morning. i'm happy to report that once mom was through pickin' and got down to the cookin', the results were so spectacular even the boy was enticed to get up early-ish (for him) in order to eat... lucky for me and bobo, since the boy was also oh-so-happy to share remnants of a muffin with us... lucky for the boy, bobo rewarded his generosity with a snuggle, which, according to mommy, is even more delicious than the sunday brunch. hard to imagine.
since it's now almost dinner time, i'm gonna have to wait until tomorrow to talk about our 2nd fun family frolic in the front yard this weekend... anyone who wonders what other fun those crazy kids i call mommy and daddy were up to today can read about it 4here3 in the meantime, bon appetit! (the appetit is never anything but bon for me!)


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