07 January 2006

a fun family frolic in the front yard!!!

wheee! yipee!! hooray!!
we got to run and jump and play!! hey... around here that is an actual big freakin' deal. especially when we get to do it after mommy and daddy get back from their long walking/jogging outings...

even more fun (and not at all pathetic) was the fact that the very instant mommy walked out the door and closed it behind her, daddy said you unlocked the door, didn't you? to which mommy replied me? i figured you did. you mean you didn't? to which daddy replied shit. to which mommy replied i know! let's throw rocks at the boy's window and wake him up! (this was at 1:45 pm, mind you). to which daddy replied, somewhat sarcastically right. good plan. he then proceeded to toss various items up to the boy's window (sticks, clumps of dirt, one of bobo's toys), but, sadly, the boy did not wake up. then daddy yelled, but that didn't do any good, either. so then, mommy threw a rock at the window... and missed. however, the rock did hit the side of the house, which apparently made some kind of loud noise, because the boy finally did open his window, and, eventually, the front door. and then... wonder of wonders! the boy stayed up!! mommy asked if it was because he was wearing his brand new sleeptracker watch which surely meant that waking up had never been easier, but he said no. he did, however, indicate to mommy that he was really happy to have the spiffy new watch... i'm sure he'll enjoy it for years to come.

the end.


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