10 January 2006

he's alive! he's ali-i-ive!!

do my tired eyes deceive me? it's still light outside, and the boy is actually out of bed! okay, i guess that's not fair, becasue i heard him tell mommy last night he was gonna try to get up early, which caused mommy to laugh and laugh and laugh (and laugh and laugh and laugh). still... he is up, and that's something. maybe that stupid-yet-expensive watch helps after all!! (i'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that max was sitting outside his bedroom door whining and scratching and generally making a one-pup commotion...)*

moving on now to other -- and by my way of thinking -- much more important news...

bobo is feeling better! yay! hooray! he started to perk up the very instant he noticed mommy getting ready to go out for her walk... golly, you know it's amazing -- no! it's a modern day puppy-related miracle -- what 4 little words can do for the bobo... the words? go for a walk. the response? bright eyes, happy tail action... and a dogged refusal to leave mom's side for a nano-second, ensuring mom would then snap on the old leash and take bobo along. which she did. naturally, i was a nervous wreck the whole time they were gone... but they're back now, and he's none the worse for the wear... so all is well. (although i still can't seem to relax, but i'm guessing that it has more to do with those long-winded supreme court hearings mom's been listening to all day. you'd think that sort of thing would put me right to sleep, but instead, it makes me feel... scared. hold me.)

*one of these days perhaps i'll dedicate a little more time/space to the boy and why he's here (home) and not at work and/or school and why it's so freakin' hard for him to get his scrawny little ass out of bed. but not today. nope. nagonnadoit.


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