17 January 2006

timber! a mighty wind... er...umm...
(updated at 2:33 pm est)
well thanks a lot, daddy... yeah, thanks a heap for taking the 2 best "story slugs" related to the downed trees in our backyard! gosh darn you, anyway... i turn my head for two seconds and, next thing i know, you've snagged the best lines, uploaded the best pictures, discussed all the best stuff. hmmph. that's it. the damage is done. okay then, that's just fine. that's just great. now i have nothing to say. you want pictures? i said... YOU WANT PICTURES??? here! here are your stupid freaking rotten crummy pictures!! (doesn't bobo look cute?)

bobo and daddy check out the uprooted trunk of one of the big trees

bobo thinks he might be able to jump over those branches...

finally, bobo has a chance to see what's on the other side of the fence. and what, i hear you wondering, is on the other side of the fence? the rest of that big-ass tree (what else?).

a little artsy fartsy shot of bobo surveying more damage

if you'd like to read about daddy's hilarious take on the whole wind/cable-outtage/electricity outtage/tree downage de-bark-le (heh heh... i can never resist a good or bad pun opportunity. sorry), check out 4bobo banjoey3 which just happens to be my favorite blog on the whole wide world web!

it's mildly important to note that i do have a shit-load of these pictures (including some reallyreally cute ones of me 'n bobo 'n max racing around the backyard) but i'm hoping these will hold you over until i catch my second wind. wind. heh heh. i said wind, as in: remember that it was a f*cking goddam mighty wind that caused all the damage in our backyard and also knocked out our cable and then our electricity???? hello? hmmm... apparently things are a whole lot funnier in my head than they are in this blog.

no doubt, i'll be back in my bloggish mode later today. i actually do have a few more things on my mind, like: why does the bug guy always feel compelled to stick around after he's sprayed the house, in order to talk to mommy incessantly about a girl he's been obsessed with for the past 5 months? trust me, there's a high creep factor here... which i may--or may not-- discuss at greater length this afternoon. also: why in the name of all that's good tv did desperate housewives win a golden globe for best comedy when a bona fide comedy like, oh, say, the office, would have been a much better choice?? i mean, it's great that steve carrell won for best comedic actor, (judging by the way my people laugh and laugh and laugh whenever they watch him, he's a funnyfunny man) but, doesn't that mean his show is funnyfunny, too, and should have, therefore, won? if not the office... what about arrested f*cking development??? was that even nominated? (i don't actually keep up on these things) i need to know: do people laugh and laugh and laugh at desperate housewives? now, mommy's sister -- aka the veryveryvery smart dr. terri, happens to be a fan of the show, so, whenever mommy goes out for a visit, she's forced to watch. honestly, mommy says the show is kinda sorta interesting... but i don't recall her saying even once that she laughed and laughed and laughed. isn't that what a good golden globe garnering comedy is supposed to do? make you laugh (and laugh and laugh)??? as i said, some things are weighing on my mind, and i'm gonna have to talk about 'em later on. so stay tuned... heh heh. tuned. i said tuned... which is what ya do when you're watching tv?? get it?? tuned? crap. i give up. you people have no sense of humor. (maybe that's why desperate housewives won that stupid award for best comedy.)

"Time's fun when you're having flies." ~ Kermit the Frog


Blogger BoBo Banjoey said...

Worth the wait...another Sophie masterpiece! you are the clever one my dear.

Love you

17/1/06 1:10 PM  
Blogger puppytoes said...

i am humbled by your admiration...but i have to remind you (yet again) that you are wrongwrongwrong!!! i love you, too! xoxox

17/1/06 1:33 PM  
Blogger BoBo Banjoey said...

by the way...the last photo of Sophie is the cutest picture in the world.

17/1/06 4:16 PM  

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