14 January 2006

it's a sucky day...

saturdays are almost always nice enough, mostly because my couch potato people are both home, which means i don't need to waste any valuable nap time fretting over them, and because treats are usually fairly abundant. but i'm not loving this particular saturday so far, 'cuz it's raining like crazy and we're all stuck inside. in truth, this is a much bigger problem for bobo than it is for me, quite frankly, i'm pretty much an inside kind of pup... the same cannot be said of bobo. he adores 'outside' and rarely gets enough of being "at one" with nature. the only time this is not the case is when it's wet, which, of course, it is today. and since i love him so much, it makes me sad to see him sad. i guess i should add that the only time this isn't true is when the little f*cker crosses me. on those occasions, i say bobo be damned. fortunately, that doesn't happen often, because, and i think you'll agree, bobo is too darn to precious to be damned. (except when he crosses me and then, i believe, he deserves all the damnation i can dish out).
so, i confess, my biggest problem with today's inclement weather is kind of selfish. you see, this afternoon i was going to once again try to get bobo to pee on that uglier 'n shit propane tank in our front yard. i almost had him convinced yesterday... he was primed and loaded with urine -- so much so that he and max actually stormed the front door when mom got back from jogging and forced their way out front. alas, once in the yard, and face to face with the unsightly object of my disdain, bobo couldn't quite bring himself to lift his leg and annoint the tank with a shower of pee, opting, instead, to relieve himself on the bushes by the air-conditioner. little double-crossing f*cker. i damned him loud and long after that, and then.. ruhroh. hold on a tick.... a thought has only just this instant ocurred to me. is it possible that i'm the reason for all this goddam rain? holy crap. damn me anyway. damn me damning bobo, and damn my ability to wreak havoc on the weekend... sigh. guess i don't know my own strength.
for a little extra insight on the effect (and power?) of my damnation of the bobo, read 4this3. i'm so sorry daddy... no, really, i am.
"Relax. What is mind? No matter. What is matter? Never mind." ~ Homer J. Simpson


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