16 January 2006

i'm as giddy
as a little girl. and, no, not because the boy is rubbing my tummy (tho' i do enjoy a good rub to the tummy). no... right now i'm happy because the cable's back on! the cable's back on! but, don't get too excited... just because i've got my hi-speed internet access back, and can now work on the bigger computer (loaded with all my photos), doesn't mean i'm gonna show ya any pictures of the uprooted humungous trees in our backyard right now. nope. the cable may be up and running... but, so is the bobo. and i think he's out in the backyard right this very minute trying to hide one of his greenies from me. little fool.

no. wait. stop. come on! don't get all whiny and weepy on me. i gotta gooooo. oh. okay, if i give you a quick peek at a couple few pic's will ya let me get outside while the gettin's still good? alrighty then... here ya go... here's bobo checking out one of the felled trees... pretty freakin' huge, right? ...right??.... RIGHT??? WHAT THE F...? what fresh hell do i have to deal with now?? oh for chrissake... the freaking power just went out!! (if i'm lyin', i'm dyin'). guess it's a good thing the generator's finally hooked up... and that the propane guy came by and filled up the uglier 'n shit propane tank. funny, isn't it? how suddenly, these things are much less of an eyesore? uh-oh... well, kids, apparently i'm not supposed to be on the computer for very long in case we wind up without power for as long as we went without the freaking cable. will these inconveniences never cease? how much can one little puppy be expected to contend with? these and other questions, will be answered... but not today, goddam it.. because i... have... to... go.
now... where's that bobo?


Blogger BoBo Banjoey said...

that's great! love you

17/1/06 9:29 AM  

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