16 January 2006

wind! snow! ice!

...even more wind! aieeeeeeee!! loud crunching crackling noises!!! trees crashing down in our very own back yard! and then, if that weren't enough, cable... KNOCKED OUT!!! oh, the sheer terror of it all. sigh. despite the rain, what started out as a pleasant (enough) saturday eventually plummeted into the very pits of weekend hell. hell, i tell you! HELL!
we don't really mind snow, we don't even have a problem with ice, from time to time. but wind?? gusting at 40-60 miles per hour? this...we mind. we know that the wind can blow even harder, trust me, we've heard mommy and daddy's stories about the years they lived in florida and worked at that television station in miami, and the devestation caused by various hurricanes. heck, mom still yips about the month-long/15 hour workdays she spent putting together a 2 hour documentary on hurricane andrew... a storm which happened to hit a month before one of mommy's major-life-defining-i-can't-believe-i-have-to-be-this-old birthdays. she's still bitter about that one (the hurricane/work schedule, not the birthday). needless-to-say, heavy wind is not our friend.
whew! now that that's off my chest, i guess i can get down to business. today, i thought it might be fun to mock mommy and daddy for missing out on an opportunity to enjoy the company of their "oldest and dearest friends" by joining them last friday night for an evening of gay bingo. doesn't that sound like a "happy time was had by all" kind of a night? yep, i think so, too. vbooh hjehosoh hhn toofhwsyhe. guth iihebd thiso dip?? shheo od ohtohsohe htghhcknve nohwheer!! mern ros velihhtg??? what??? oh shit.
shit... shittyshitshit and more shit... you know, i really can't tell you about gay bingo, or anything else, for that matter, because, thanks to the fact that the f*cking wind knocked out the f*cking cable, i'm having to work on this very snazzy-yet-very small f*cking laptop computer with its very teeny very tiny f*cking keyboard, which makes f*cking typing f*cking impossible. to make f*cking matters even f*cking worse, i can't access any of my f*cking pictures, and i'm on-f*cking-line via f*cking dial-up. crap.
oh well, life's a bitch... and, i guess i am too. at least today, that is, when i find myself inconvenienced by the most ridiculous/insignificant of things. maybe i should just take the day off, you know? regroup a little? i'm sure i'll feel wa-a-a-y better by tomorrow. i'm also sure that, by then, we'll have our f*cking cable back up and running. we'd better, or f*cking toes will suffer!
"To Start Press Any Key. Where's the ANY key?" ~ Homer J. Simpson


Blogger BoBo Banjoey said...

love it...the imagery of little Sophie and her little paws using the laptop. We want our cable damnit!
Love you

16/1/06 2:00 PM  

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