21 January 2006

i just found out that we're out of greenies... out. of. greenies. greenies... didja hear what i just said? i said WE ARE OUT OF GREEEEEEEEENIES!! that most delectable of all treats ever offered up in the history of the world to any one precocious sweet puppy girl. no greenies? no greenies??? NO F*CKING GREENIES?!? oh nooooooo!! stop the presses!! panic in the streets!! call the FBI!!! leave no stone unturned!!! (wheeze... sputter... cough) can't breathe... ohdearohdearohdear... i'm feeling an anxiety attack coming... on... can't .... think .... straight.... (sob) no greenies. what'll i do? where'll i go? what's to become of me? (sniff) i'm not sure i ca..... hey?... am i seeing things? are mommy and daddy going out?? those heartless bastard turncoats. how can they leave me in this, my time of need??? why i oughtta... heh? whazzat? they went to the store??? they went to the puppy store?? to the puppy store to get more GREENIES?!!? you're not just f*ckin' with me, are ya? no? well alrighty then, that's more like it. okay... okay... i'll... try.... to hang... on. it'll be tough. but, i'll try.

meanwhile... if you kids are looking for something less greenie-related, more substantial/interesting/worthwhile... read 4here3 (apparently daddy is not nearly as upset about this whole greenie thing as i am!)
"The Bluebird of Happiness long absent from his life, Ned is visited by the Chicken of Depression." ~ Gary Larson


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