18 January 2006

it's gonna be another...

...one of those days. more wind. more downed trees. more sections of our backyard fence knocked down. sigh. did i mention the fact that i don't like the wind when it blows reallyreally hard? so hard that it knocks down gigantic trees? trees that land on our fence?

at least the tree guys are here! the tree guys are here! hooray! yippee! whee! now maybe we can get a little order restored to our backyard! according to mommy, these tree guys are great, and, thankfully, they work reallyreally fast. that means our backyard should be debris-free in no time fla..... huuuh!? what now??? oh crap. can you believe it? apparently our gigantico trees/broken sections of fence quandry pales in comparison to some to the havoc wreaked throughout stamford and outlying areas, because the tree guys are leaving! the tree guys are leaving! i suppose we should have anticipated as much, since we've been hearing sirens all morning... seen fire trucks, ambulances, and various and assorted vehicles loaded with tree removal gear speed by. still....aieeeee! now what??? i'll tell you what. now we're all gonna have to stay couped up in this house for at least another day, because daddy will never ever allow us to roam around when there's the slightest chance bobo -- assuming he's feeling better today, and i think he is -- might want to scope out the neighbor's yard (it is a tempting gap, i confess).
i'm thinkin' mommy's gonna probably do something incredibly boring like clean the kitchen, do laundry, maybe even take down the christmas decorations. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! mommy do all that domestic stuff? maybe when monkeys fly out of my butt. sometimes i just crack myself up. she's more likely to fix herself another cup of zen tea and watch one of the cary grant movies they're showing on tcm today --'cuz that's what she likes to do. hey! ya know what? maybe this is a good day for me to get down to all those topics i didn't feel like gettin' down to yesterday. yes, i'm quite sure that's what i'm gonna do. write down all my thoughts and observations about those stupid golden globe travesties, and then tell you about that creepy/hyperfocused bug guy who can't seem to get it through his head that the girl he thinks he's in love with is scared shitless of him, and who can blame her? business... yeesh. or, speaking of ex-girlfriends (okay, it's a stretch, but, so what?) the two big boys have had experiences with a couple of girlfriends from hell that are worthy of manymanymany blogging moments... care to read about that? wait! i know! maybe today's the day i tell you all about mommy's sister, the veryveryvery smart dr. terri, and the cool book about sex she wrote a few years ago! (well ah, er, um... it's really about (gasp) private parts and it's shockingly... tasteful). it's a great book, full of fun facts and fascinating sexual trivia. yes, kids... you're sure to learn a lot! after all, mommy's sister was a college professor, and one of the very first people to teach human sexuality courses in a california university.... hmmm? have i got your attention, now?
golly, so many choices, so close to nap time. i'm more than certain any one of the aforementioned topics will be fodder for a good mind-boggling blog, this is the kind of stuff you'll find most difficult to tear yourself away from, if and when i write about it. but, since i'm pretty darn sure i'm gonna need all the strength i can muster to get it all in print, (we're talkin' about a lot of worms here, roxanne... worms!) i think i have to take a nap, first. don't worry... be happy! it's still early... and, last time i looked, we have all day. besides, look outside. see? still raining. which means i'm not going anywhere. are you?

"Whether the weather be fine, Whether the weather be not, Whether the weather be cold, Whether the weather be hot, We'll weather the weather, Whatever the whether, Whether we like it or not." unattributed (courtesy ThinkExist.com)


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