18 January 2006

for daddy's eyes only.

... if you're not daddy, don't look. you won't want to, anyway... it's not pretty. i'm just putting up a few more boring pictures for daddy to see of the large gap in the fence caused by the neighbor's tree, and mommy's lame-ass attempt to bridge it with the broken pieces of aforementioned (my word of the day, apparently) fence. then, just to make daddy weep ... i'm posting 2 pictures of sad outside-deprived bobo... one shows the little boy looking out the back door, the other is of him beseeching mommy to let him explore the newly destroyed lanscape.. nothing to see here folks (unless you're daddy--and he knows who he is)... seriously! for your own sakes, avert your eyes and just keep moving...
this is what it looked like after the tree guys removed half of one tree (before they had to sprint off to bigger/better/more emergency-esque jobs)
mommy propped the broken piece of fence up... she pricked her finger on an exposed nail, and it hurt, but she managed to finish the task at hand... (mommy was only slightly demoralized when this section fell back down after another fairly substantial gust of wind. she gave up, and went back into the house... all the while wondering where the hell is pete, the fence guy?)

can i go outside mommy? huh? huh? huh?

oh please oh please oh pleeeeease let me go outside mommy?


Blogger BoBo Banjoey said...

That's the saddest face I have ever seen :-( And you...you...stop trying to rebuild the fence. You'll hurt yourself.

Love you...hug BoBo for me.

18/1/06 3:46 PM  
Blogger puppytoes said...

i've already had to do an update on my update... because the section fell back down! aieee! guess i'm gonna give up fence-mending and just take the pups out front. sigh. love you... consider bobo hugged!

18/1/06 3:55 PM  

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