21 January 2006

hey kids!
are ya having fun this weekend? or are you, like my people, bored out of your ever-lovin' minds? (or cowering like little girls in some corner of the house because of a little wind storm -- you can read 4bobo banjoey3 for the explanation of that one) would ya like to do something just a tad more interesting/fulfilling than, oh, say, reading 50 kajillion more blogs? maybe do something that let's ya play around in the political arena, without the bother of actually running for office and/or listening to a bunch of well-meaning constituents trying to tell you what to do? (who in the hell do they think they are, anyway?) think you know more than world leaders? then this post is for you! seriously, below is a link to a site/game that's not only fun, it's actually educational, in the way any extreme-case cause and effect-type situation game might be educational.
the game was first discovered by the boy, a rebellious lad who, a few years ago, actually became a (gasp) registered republican... only to see the error of his ways after 4 long years of the bush so-called administration, and finally return to the bosom of his famiy's liberal fold. (and who also turns 25 tomorrow) the boy showed the web site to mommy & daddy a few weeks ago, and they've been "playing" ever since. oh, and in case you're interested, this game involves identifying your leadership style, so, as you might imagine, mommy is a bit of a bleeding heart liberal-type leader, while daddy seems to be more of a "father-knows-best" kind of a guy. (you'll see what i mean if you wind up playing for any length of time).
alrighty then! maybe this game will be a shit-load of fun for you. maybe it won't. but, trust me, it sure beats boredom and/or a sharp stick in the eye.
~ click here to play~
come on... don't be such a wuss. this is, according to my people, reallyreally kinda-sorta fun. besides, what else have ya got to do? yeah... that's what i thought.


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