09 February 2006

what did i say about "great minds"?

not that i want to brag, mind you, but did ya happen to catch 4the colbert report3 on comedy central last night? if so, did ya notice that he played the exact same clip i linked you to, yesterday? well, he did. am i a timely little news hound, or what?!? tee hee (it actually runs in the family, but we won't speak of that just now.) oh, and just so you know, mommy thought attorney general alberto gonzalez looked/sounded even more idiotic on the big-ass screen hdtv than he did on the computer, if that's possible. fortunately, since mommy and daddy's bellies were swollen from their gourmet meal of fritos and vegetarian chili, mommy was unable to mutter anything unprintable under her breath without belching first, so she held her tongue.
okay, since i started chatting about tv (kind of... technically... shut up) i'd like to take a moment to say something about one of mommy and daddy's favorite shows, gray's anatomy. no, not that sunday's episode was pretty dang kick-ass... and no, not that the real dr. mcdreamy, in mommy's book, is 4isaiah washington3 aka dr. burke (hubba hubba is all i'm gonna say on that). no i'm interested to know if anyone besides mommy, daddy, and mommy's sister (the veryveryvery smart dr. terri) has noticed that 4ellen pompeo3 aka meredith gray is not nearly as cute this season as she was last year. did i say cute? i meant... well, actually, i did mean cute. has she lost weight? did her lips shrink? doesn't her hair conditioner work any more? where's that spark, that... joie de vivre that made her so freakin' special? (name-drop alert! boy #2 waited on ellen pompeo a couple of times when he worked at starbucks... he said she was pretty darn cute in person. but, now that i think about it for a tick or two... that was last year!) anyway, is she suffering from calista flockhart, aka ally mcbeal, disorder? ('member? ally mcbeal was cutecutecute... then, she wasn't) inquiring minds want to know. actually, mommy wants to know, because i could truly give a rat's ass about any of this shit.
as long as i'm on the subject of tv (and, apparently, i am)... then let me just say this about... love monkey. mommy and daddy still think it's a work in progress. that said, they also think the amazing 4teddy geiger3 (who plays an aspiring singer/songwriter on the show) is destined for major stardom. apparently the folks at love monkey do, too, since they've taken his bio off their website (egos, people, it's all about egos). tom cavanaugh's not gonna seem so cute to mommy if they keep that shit up. and that's all i have to say about that. oh, but do click on teddy geiger's name (above) and take a listen... brilliant! 17 years old. can you believe it? mommy's two big boys are 21 and 25... they play video games. and sleep.
alrighty then! we shall speak no more of tv... altho' i should probably mention that, when she went out to new mexico to visit her sister, mommy was forced to watch a few shows she and daddy never watch, like, american idol (okay, they used to watch "idol", but haven't for the past 2 years. they loved rockstar inxs, and are hoping that somehow it might return next summer. pity them. they need it.). she also saw what not to wear, dr. phil, and dancing with the stars. unfortunately, mommy wants to watch dancing with the stars again, because, she now wants to see if lisa rinna's lips have gotten any bigger. (mommy thinks ms. rinna is completely adorable, but should consider donating her top lip to ellen pompeo, who could really use it).
ack! look at the time. apparently i've been running on for quite a little while about all this who-gives-a-shit-bitch-gossipy stuff. sorry about that. won't happen again. well... actually, it might. i mean i'll be happyhappyhappy to tell you about anything mommy and daddy do that's even remotely interesting. but, by now it should be abundantly clear, the chances of that happening are slim...and none.
"I could have been a doctor, but there were too many good shows on TV." ~Jason Love


Blogger BoBo Banjoey said...

laughing...excellent. sorry I'm no dr. mcdreamy...but you're stuck with me.

love you

9/2/06 3:00 PM  
Blogger puppytoes said...

your my dr. mcdreamy... and that's all i care about! love you more!!!!! xoxoxo

9/2/06 3:02 PM  
Blogger BoBo Banjoey said...

Uh oh...Love Monkey just cancelled by CBS after 3 episodes..."pulled from the schedule" is what they said.

9/2/06 5:33 PM  

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