04 February 2006

happy birthday to my mommy!!

i know, this is your deal, sophie... but i just couldn't resist the chance to wish my mommy -- someone i love veryveryvery much -- a happyhappyhappy day! hope ya don't mind too much. thanks! now i'll make like a hockey player... and get the puck outta here! ~ maxxy
"You don't stop laughing because you grow old; you grow old because you stop laughing." ~ Michael Pritchard


Blogger BoBo Banjoey said...

Happy Birthday Dr. T!

5/2/06 8:46 AM  
Blogger schnoodlepooh said...

Happy Birthday, Maxy's mommy!


5/2/06 2:07 PM  
Anonymous maxxypawd said...

hi sophie! by now YOUR mommy is back home, and MY mommy is veryvery sad, yes she is. but even tho she is veryvery sad, she looks veryvery cute in her new jacketshirttop which she obviously loves A LOT because she smiles really BIG when she puts them on! my mommy and daddy and i sure do miss you! i'm SO glad your mommy came to visit my mommy on her birthday! she said it was the veryveryvery bestest birthday she's had in a veryveryvery long time. she sure does love your mommy. i wonder why she doesn't lick her face all over like i do to tell your mommy how much I love her? (we obviously know the best way to tell them how special they are!) well, i gotta go to bed now. i'm gonna try and sneak my new baby in my bed before my mommy puts in in that crummy drawer where she puts all my other toys at night! be sure to lick your mommy's face all over for me and tell her how much i love her!

6/2/06 12:35 AM  

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