06 February 2006

mommy's home! *

*please forgive this lengthy post... anyone who chooses to skip and/or scan the whole freaking thing is totally forgiven in advance.
i guess that's the real headline around here toda...what? huh? the what about the who? Super Bowl XL? phooey on Super Bowl XL! i'm not talkin' about no stinkin' Super Bowl - eXtra Large or otherwise - not when my mommy just got back home, safe and sound from her long-ass trip to new mexico... altho', later, i may have a story about mommy's encounter (in her "youth") with a member or two of the seattle seahawks... and it's a good story, too. but i'm not telling that story now. no. this post is all about mommy's trip. and being home. and... me.
so... where was i? oh yeah... my mommy's back home! my mommy's back home! not that she was away that long, mind you, but it kind of seemed like it, to me. i mean, we have routines around here, people, routines! and, i, for one, am not a fan of the disrupted routine. fortunately, the boy was here to pay attention to me, but, it's not the same as when my mommy's home. i know it, he knows it, and the american people know it. i don't get treats when i want/need 'em and i never get brushed--which means my hair is always a mess! i mean, i hate getting my hair brushed, but nothing pisses me off more than having it so full of tangles i can hardly move my head.
but, enough about me (tho' can there ever be enough about me? i didn't think so... tee hee). mommy brought back some pictures of her quick (yet long-ass) trip out to new mexico, some, apparently, to simply demonstrate how brown brown can be. the first two are arial shots (whoa, that's sounds ever so impressive... yet when you see them, you'll know what i do, that they're ever so not) as the plane was making its approach to the airport in el paso, texas. not to worry, mommy says the brown is every bit as brown in las cruces as it is in el paso, so it doesn't matter that these aren't actual-factual pictures of new mexico. of course, after going through all that, i'm sick of brown... and, now that i think about it, i'm already gettin' sick of talking about mommy's trip. so, guess what? here's yer basic reader's digest-ish account. and please, pay attention, 'cuz i'm only gonna go through this once.
basically, mommy had a great time visiting her sister (the veryveryvery smart dr. terri) and her brother-in-law (the veryveryvery smart & veryveryvery cute dr. billy), tho', mommy says, she's reallyreally glad they won't be staying out there in too much longer (terri & billy actually live in a picture perfect house just above the river in the gorgeous community of three rivers, california, located outside the fabulous sequoia national park... an area that's gorgeous and green, which makes the brown vista they've had to contend with for the past 3 months all the more... brown.) mommy and her sister did many of the typical las cruces tourist things... they started every day with grande-soy-no-whip-mochas from a local cafe called starbucks, they dined on wonderful mexican cuisine from local eateries like taco bell and chilis... and they shopped 'til they dropped at local -er- shopperies like target, marshalls, and costco. (actually, this is, in part, a lie from the pits of hell, because, tho' they did do all the aforementioned things, they also visited a charming section of las cruces called mesilla, which is filled with boutiques and quaint shops and cafes, and a beautiful old church. very lovely, still very brown.) it may be interesting to note that mesilla is famous because it's the place billy the kid was finally brought to justice... interesting, i suppose, if you're at all interested in folks like billy the kid, which, of course, i'm not.
now that i've just perused this post and/or pictures, i find myself wondering just why, in the wide wide world of sports, did my mommy have to leave me in order to spend time in such a place. i guess the answer is, her sister. apparently her sister (the vvvs dr. terri) had a birthday over the weekend, and apparently mommy thought it would be nice to visit her and help celebrate said birthday. mommy's sister, like mommy, is starting to get pretty old, tho' you'd neverever know it to look at her. i think mommy gets a little jealous, because she really thinks her sister is beautiful. not only that, apparently her sister's also in possession of a perfect figure. a perfect figure! mommy can hardly say the same, tho' she certainly tries to maintain hers (hence all those walks/runs she takes). because she adores her sister, mommy tries not to be depressed by the fact that her sis has the flatest tummy and the tiniest waistline and looks amazing in everything she wears. but mommy's not bitter. no. not one little bit. mommy's not bitter because, as i said, she reallyreallyreally loves her sister, who is also her best friend in the whole world. together, they always have a lot of fun and they laugh & laugh & laugh like the silly little girls they are at heart. mommy feels pretty dang lucky to have someone like her sister in her life, and for that, mommy is veryvery grateful. oh, i should add that mommy also loves spending time with the vvvs & vvvc dr. billy. and, as you may have already surmised, mommy's totally infatuated with their puppy, the precious/precocious little maxxy. of course, after seeing pictures of him, i can totally understand why. i mean, look at that face! those eyes! his coloring!! he's a veritable work of art (not unlike myself, i might add)! mommy says he's a goodgood boy, and veryvery smart, too (also not unlike myself). and, when he sits up, he looks like a prairie dog, so, you know... there's that.
all in all, mommy had an excellent birthday visit on her long-ass trip to las cruces... especially since she and her sister mostly did what they always do, talk about everythingintheworld including, but not limited to theircrazybitchofasister, tho' one day they went to a spa and got something called a pedicure, which involved sitting in a vibrating chair, soaking their feet in a jacuzzi tub, getting a salt-scrub and then having their feet and legs wrapped in hot parafin wax... mommy said it was delicious. i dunno, it all sounds really strange to me, because i can't imagine letting anyone work on my feet in any capacity -- clip my toenails, make it snappy! -- tho', i have to say mommy's toes do look pretty all buffed 'n polished in a color she called "rock-a-polco red". delicious pedicures aside, mommy doesn't imagine she'll be visiting new mexico anytime soon. which is just fine by me.
okay, kids, time for me to wrap this up (heh heh...i said wrap. you know... wrap? like the parafi...oh screw it)... time to wrap this up, but, before i say my hasta la vistas for today, i'd like to note that, despite sheer and overwhelming brownliness of the terrain, mommy says that people in las cruces are among the nicest she's ever encountered... so there ya go! i suppose that's one good reason someone might want to go there for a visit. but, since the only people i care about are right here in stamford, connecticut, i, for one, will not be taking any long-ass trips to new mexico or any other place, for that matter, anytime soon. as far as that goes, neither will mommy. unless, of course, dr. terri & dr. billy decide to stay in that god-forsaken place longer than they had originally planned. but, ya wanna know sumthin'? if they care anything at all about their collective toes (pedicured and not), they'll get them, along with their collective butts, out of las cruces and set their travel sights towards the east in the very near future -- that way, mommy can see her sister all she wants, i can still see mommy all i want, and everyone's toes remain intact.
"A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life." ~ Isadora James


Blogger BoBo Banjoey said...

Sophie is in fine voice and clearly had lot of things to get off her mind!
love you

6/2/06 5:56 PM  
Blogger BoBo Banjoey said...

...okay so what I meant to say was "had a lot of things to get off her chest," or "had a lot of things on her mind." I'm tired...can you tell?

6/2/06 6:01 PM  
Blogger puppytoes said...

i think you meant to say she (ie me) is out of her mind... and you may well be right! love and adore you xoxoxo

6/2/06 6:03 PM  
Anonymous maxxypawd said...

wow...them's a lot of worms there, roxanne! loved the post altho it made me veryvery sad (again) and also made me veryvery curious..."perfect figure?" "tiny waist"? who could you ever be talkin' about??? clearly you ARE getting old 'cause your lovely blue eyes are obviously not seeing well!! lovelovelove you.

7/2/06 2:18 AM  
Blogger puppytoes said...

compared to mine, yours is a most perfect figure. of course, compared to christy brinkley and/or cindy crawford, yours is still a most perfect figure. and yes, i am getting oldoldold, but i know a perfect figure when i see one through the blurry haze i call vision!

and, "don't be sad, don't be blue... i'll come back and visit you!" -- and i'll do that, soon! (hopefully you guys will be some place a little less... brown) i lovelovelove you, too sistie! : )

7/2/06 12:41 PM  

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