08 March 2006

the boy

posted 9 march 2006 @ 3:15 pm e.s.t. (not that it matters, right?)
woohoo! finally...i manage to load up pictures! yay! hooray! yippee!

2 days ago, i tried putting up a small post in honor of one of the boy's good friends, jom, a lovely/ talented/ brilliant young woman currently pursuing academic excellence in england (bravo, jom! oh...if only the boy would get his academic shit act together in order to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up! kidding...i kid! mommy and daddy know the boy will figure it out when he figures it out...and not one freaking nano-second sooner!) anyway, since jom's family is in thailand, and she's pretty much all alone there in merry-old-england, mommy decided jom might need to feel the love from america (whether jom likes it or not... hee hee!) so she asked me to put up a few more pictures of me, bobo, max, fuzzy, and the boy.
but before i do that, i wanted to clear up something. i'm sure you've been wondering why i keep referring to the boy as ... the boy, (you have been wondering that haven't ya?) i mean, he is 25, over 6' 1", and has a deepdeep voice, so, technically, he's a man. well wonder no more, because i'm going to explain it to ya right this very minute. i call him the boy, because that's what mommy calls him. the end.
ha ha! just kidding! i mean, that is what mommy calls him, but there's a bit more to the story. see, it started as an inside joke between mommy and the boy after they bonded over a daily dose of the simpsons for several years (thank goodness for syndicated programs, right?) for anyone who doesn't know...homer rarely calls bart bart, most of the time he calls him boy or the boy. this always cracked mommy up, and thus, a tradition was born. albeit a tradition stolen right off an animated show. poor poor mommy. isn't she pathetic? but wait! she gets worse.
when the boy was in his last year of high school, mommy used to leave little cartoons for him next to his box of cereal, in an effort to "communicate" with him early in the morning. this was necessary because the boy got up at 5am and mommy never got up before 6. overall, the drawings were pretty lame... but, i guess the boy enjoyed them, since they usually referenced something from the simpsons. here's an example of the type of stellar artwork/humorous creative writing mommy employed back then...
in case it's too hard to read, it says:
there's only ONE thing to give a rude boy who won't do his dishes or kiss his beloved mother "good-night"...
pretty dang silly, don't ya agree? yeah, i thought you might. nevertheless, mommy and the boy have always enjoyed a good relationship with each other, despite her silliness and/or his brief brush with conservatism (don't get me wrong, they do argue, but, for the most part, they laugh and laugh and laugh). and they still love to watch the simpsons together (and south park... what can i say? mommy's a fan of silly animated shows. someday i'll tell ya about the stuff she watches with the other boy (boy #2) on adult swim. she freaking loves it!) okay, now i'll stop talking, and get on with the "slide show". but, speaking of the simpsons... i've provided a link at the end of this post that mommy thinks other simpson fans might enjoy...
but first... those freaking pictures i've
been promising jom for the past 2 days!!

silly brothers

silly, loving brothers

silly, loving, scary brothers

bobo & the boy

oh goody. i'm 25 and i got me a purple monkey.
now my life is complete.
dalai bobo takin' it easy ponders the
"meaning of life"
mr. fuzzlewoth looking his usual
pissed-off self
help! i've stuck my head in a... a...
what the hell is this thing, anyway?
and how the hell do i get out???
daddy tickling my tummy
(ain't i the fluffy one?)
that boy cleans up real good, don't he?
okay, as promised, time now for you simpson fans to check out the simpson's-related link (it's a very clever video) i stole off dave barry's blog. i'm pretty sure no one's using it right now (things move pretty fast over there), so i doubt dave'll mind too much, but, just in case, let's not blab about it, m'kay?, 'cuz his minions are really, how shall i say this?, possessive of all things dave, and i would never want to piss any of 'em off...(they scare me). thanks! oh, and jom, i'm sorry i don't have more pictures for you today, but i hope the ones i've posted will help put a smile on your pretty face and, maybe keep ya from feeling too homesick for your own family (including your 3 cats)

"Boy, everyone is stupid except me." ~ Homer Simpson


Anonymous Joel said...

that was a wonderful post! Love you.

9/3/06 5:21 PM  
Anonymous jom said...

WOW…..I don’t know how to thank you! This is great! :) :) :) I love love love your post sooo…much! ;)...now I can feel great love from America around me ^___^…many many thanks for that! Please, tell mommy I really appreciated her kindness :)

Your mommy is so sweet drawing funny cartoon for “the boy”!...the boy is very lucky! he has a very nice and lovely family ^___^ …and you know what?...my mommy always laugh laugh laugh with me as well! (just like your mommy and the boy!) Even I’m here, whenever I call her…we always have funny conversations…lol…I really like that…actually, I think this is one of important things that bond ‘family’ members together ;)

You, bobo and fire-liked fuzzy are so cute! ;) my three cats are just ordinary Thai cats…hehehe…they don’t have long furry fur like you (sometimes I wish they have!)…but…you know since they live in Thailand…I think it’s better for them not to have the kind of fur…otherwise they will sweat all the time (I’m not sure if cats do sweat, though. Do you mind asking Mr. Fuzzy for me?)

As for the part of your kind and wonderful words describing me…hmm…I’m really appreciated them…but truthfully I’m not that good though :P sometimes I can be bad and very lazy too…hahaha….actually it is a bit embarrassing….because I know I’m not that good :P

Finally…hmm…your post…did brought me a real big big smile!...really! :D :D

Thank you!!! ^_______^

9/3/06 7:27 PM  
Blogger puppytoes said...

hi jom!

i'm glad these silly pictures made you smile! and, for the record, the boy showed us your picture and you, my dear, are veryvery pretty. plus you're going to school in england, so we know you're smart!

i hope you'll think about coming her for a visit... i think you'd have a fun time, and we would all love to meet you! of course, i guess you're also pretty homesick by now, so it will probably feel good to get back home.

i'll try to find more silly pictures to post this weekend... hopefully blogger won't give me any problems (grrr). and i hope you have a happyhappy weekend!! : D

10/3/06 12:01 PM  
Anonymous leela said...

I enjoyed the pictures too. And I think fuzzybutt looks much the way he did when he was an active little guy!

10/3/06 2:42 PM  
Blogger puppytoes said...

yay...leela! you haven't exactly seen these guys in awhile, have ya? (good reason to head back north... even for a visit... huh? huh?) yep, fuzzy's still hangin' in there... spoiled/onery kitty that he is! (we wouldn't want him any other way)

: D

10/3/06 5:51 PM  
Anonymous leela said...

Well time permitting on my next trip to NJ. We should try and meet! By the way I meant to compliment you on your drawings. Ever considered being a cartoonist? I am imagining your
"triple-grande-soy-no-whip-mocha" cartoon now. It really is the worst when you've been pschying yourself up for something "so small" and even that small thing is not done right!!

10/3/06 9:52 PM  

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