17 March 2006


i've fallen into a bloggy-vortex (again) and i can't get out!!! send help! and please, send help soon!!!!
either that's what's goin' on here, or blogger hates me and that's why they keep screwing with my stupid little website. stupid blogger. screwing with my stupid website. trapping me in a bloggy black hole. makin' my blog look ... stupid.


Anonymous Jom said...

Hey Sophie ;)

I finally managed to reach your blog...LOL...I know how do you feel being denied like that..I guess it's like when I called Thai embassy in London to ask whether my name was on the registered voter living abroad or not...and they just simply told me that...NO..your name was not on the list!...you couldn't vote for the (stupid) representatives...it was sooo annoying!...err...forgive me for irrelevant example...hahaha..but I understand you :D

By the way, don't be angry with the blogger! (too much)...remember what Buddha said? ;)

P.S. maybe the blogger is an American Idol supporter...hahaha

Miss your writing!

17/3/06 4:54 PM  
Anonymous Joel said...

hey what happened to the first comment I left? My advice...run away, run away...from blogger.

love you!

17/3/06 6:52 PM  
Blogger puppytoes said...

touche, jom! i would be wise to remember the words of buddha! (thank you for reminding me!)

and i'm so sorry they won't let you vote (would it count, anyway?) i guess that's just another reason you feel a bit isolated, huh? see... if you were here we'd all make sure you felt happy and wanted!! (i know your family wants you... i'm just saying i feel bad 'cuz your country's making you feel like an "outsider")

hope you get to have happy sunny days this weekend! and i will try to put up pictures and maybe more silly pop culture stuff (idol maybe? after all, i was right about the girl who got tossed off the show this past week! by the way, i confess i'd love to see the version that appears in your county...)

also...would it be okay if i used the pictures you sent me last week? i wanted to save 'em for the first day of spring (next monday, i think). they're soooo cute and i just loved 'em!!

thank you for missing me... that makes me feel wanted!!! i always love hearing from you!

: D

17/3/06 6:52 PM  
Anonymous jom said...


I've already emailed you about the pictures :)

Here's the website of 'the star' (not an official one but just give you the idea how do they look like...lol)


17/3/06 7:42 PM  
Blogger puppytoes said...

hi jom!!

i just now read that other comment you left with the address on it... thanks!!! (guess i didn't see it before because the server was acting so crazy!)

i love those pictures! maybe i'll use 'em this weekend (if i don't manage to find any good ones of me and bobo and max... well of me and bobo, at any rate, cuz, ya know, that max is such a scardy-cat when it comes to having his picture taken!)

thanks again!!! hope to "talk" to you soon!! : D

17/3/06 11:04 PM  
Anonymous Rob In China said...

Blogger has been acting up lately, and I am not sure what's going on. I don't think blogger hates you; something is going on with their system.

I guess that's why most people would recommend you to have a privately hosted blog outside of the usual free blogging places. It presents bloggers as being more serious (because we are spending money), and you can also avoid the problem of the recent problems with Blogger.

18/3/06 12:09 AM  

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