23 December 2005

'tis the season...

...to be jolly? HAHAHA!! that's really funny, and i'll tell you why: my mom, my daddy, and both those big boys have been out of the house off and on all day doing something i heard them refer to as... "shopping". apparently, this "shopping" thing is another part of the holiday tradition, one that -- based on the panic stricken looks in their eyes -- must not be very much fun. descending into the pits of hell is the way my daddy described it. anyway, after this "shopping" comes something called "wrapping" which, according to the words i overheard mommy muttering under her breath (she does this quite a lot) is ...the biggest pain in the ass of all...sorting and cutting and tying all those stupid freaking ribbons that no one but me cares about...my back is killing me and i'm still confused about some of the crappy things i bought that seemed like good gifts at the time but now i realize actually suck only it's too late to do anything about them because everyone in fairfield county is out buying the things i should have bought...aieeeee! now my head hurts and i still have to cook dinner and do 4 more loads of laundry maybe if i eat another fluffer-nutter i'll feel better... (she did, and she didn't). now, i could go on (and on and on and on...), but what would be the point? i'm just glad i'm a puppy and that i'll never have to go "shopping".
"There are 3 stages of Man: he believes in Santa Claus; he doesn't believe in Santa Claus; he is Santa Claus." ~ Bob Philips


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