15 December 2005

decking the halls, part deux...

will this painful ordeal never end??? what's the deal, lucille? apparently my mom intends to leave no banister un-garlanded...no living plant un-lighted... no festive christmas ribbon un-fastened. what's up with this? sure it all looks nice, but since my mom and dad are two of the most un-sociable people on the planet, no one--aside from the two boys--will ever see this stuff. why then, and i really want to know the answer to this, does my mom spend so much of her time hanging, wrapping, and stringing?? my thoughts... she's out of her freaking mind. oh sure, she's looks normal enough (except for a couple of weeks ago after that "procedure" thing that made her look pretty creepy) but, for the most part and to most people, she looks mostly normal, for a human.
so what is it about this time of year that makes her eyes kind of glaze over and act so funny? shouldn't she be happy loving on me and letting me give her lots of little slobber puppy kisses??? i think so too...
and, trust me, bobo's not enjoying this anymore than i am. just yesterday he and i were taking our late afternoon naps in the family room--just as sweet as you please when, suddenly, bam! mom came in with another of her boxes and before you could say greenies make a tasty treat mom was scooting us off the sofas in order to change the slipcovers (whatever those are). i kept trying to jump back up, but mom would have none of that. i finally gave up, but not bobo. no...not bobo. as soon as mom had part of one slipcover on the couch bobo jumped back up and spread himself out... practically daring mom to make him get down. of course she didn't...right away. after all, he is the bobo. so then i want to know, what the hell am i? chopped liver??
of course, normally i'm not prone to pouting, but i'm afraid i was compelled to do a fair amount yesterday...in fact, i managed to look really really pitiful until mom couldn't stand it anymore and had to stop what she was doing, get on the floor with me in the office, roll me over and rub my tummy...and let me slobber her with a few more puppy kisses.
i'm thinking she'd better hurry up and finish this so-called decorating stuff, or i'm gonna remind her of the way i "redecorated" the house when i first came to live here...my touches can still be seen on the corners of every chair, table and throw pillow...i can be pretty impressive when i put my mind--and teeth--to something! 'tis the season...
"Happy Happy Joy Joy" ~ Stimpy (The Ren & Stimpy Show)


Blogger BoBo Banjoey said...

Sophie is in good voice! love you...and the Sophie toes too

15/12/05 11:17 PM  

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