05 December 2005

my mom's still feeling yucky...

can i just tell you how stinkin' boring that is? sheesh...i'm all for hanging around being lazy and such, but would a trip downstairs ever so often kill her? i can't see without my contact lenses she whines to me. wear your glasses...and hold on to the rail for pete's sake i kindly suggest. my head hurts she cries. not as much as it's gonna if you don't get your butt downstairs and give me another greenie i sweetly say. oh sophie, wise and wonderful tho' you are, can't you give me a little break and let me stay in bed until the boy gets home from school? not on your life, mommy dearest, a girl needs a treat when a girl needs a treat. now get down on all 4's and follow me...trust me, it's easy! so far this hasn't happened, but i'm just sure it will as soon as she looks deeply into my beautiful brown eyes. a girl like me needs to be pampered. mommy gets pampered when daddy gets home. i'm just sure that's how it's supposed to work (me now, mommy later). sigh. what's a girl to do?

"It's never to late to have a happy childhood."~ Berke Breathed


Blogger Freda said...

Hey Sophie,

Sorry to hear your mom is still 'under the weather', whatever that means. I know what you mean about the Greenies. You gotta have one at least once an hour. I love the addiction! What are humans for but to fill the food and water dishes, tummy rubs and fetchin', Arf! Arf!, the Greenies.

I think your humans need some more trainin'. I still have problems with mine while I am leadin' them about the hood. They want to keep on walkin' while I am tryin' to read all my pee-mail. Will they ever learn?

Hope your mom feels better soon so she can get those wonderful Greenies for you. Wait! Next time she stumbles downstairs have her take some Greenies upstairs so she has a supply up there.

Good luck!



11/12/05 2:14 PM  

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