12 December 2005

all is right again in my universe...

more or less... i mean at least my mom is back on her feet (and off her rapidly expanding ass, no offense mom, but it's good you'll be able to get back into your exercise routine...) i have my greenies (i'm so glad you understand my obsession with these little treats, freda, it's good to know i'm not alone in this!). of course, now mom's going crazy doing things to the house that i don't understand, altho' it looks kind of cool around here so far, but i'm apparently NOT allowed to play with any of the shiny things i've been finding, and christmas cookies are NOT the same as puppy cookies i've been told. i don't care. i'll get a taste or two out of those gingerbread things because i have this face...

as far as i can tell, i'm irrisistible. so i'll have treats. oh yes...i will have treats. (right mom? right dad? right boys?)

hee hee i just found a picture of max...which i think shows just how goofy he is. okay, so maybe he's just full of joy and love, but he looks kind of goofy, right? everyone says he's the sweetest boy, and i'm sure that's true, but he's also a big beardie-sissy-dog, something that's only obvious to yours truly every minute of every day he comes within 10 feet of me, my treats, bobo's treats that i might want to steal for myself, and anything else that involves food getting/grabbing/coveting of any kind. okay okay, i confess there are those nights when i don't really want to go outside by myself and max is the only one willing to come and stand guard because bobo's just too busy becoming "one" with the universe...still, most of the time i find the maxinator a tad annoying. but that's just me...like i said, everyone around here seems to think he's just a big lovable fluffer-boy. sigh...too bad i don't know how to enlarge this photograph, i'm not sure it does justice to his goofiness.

"You can lead a horticulture but you can't make her think". ~ Dorothy Parker


Blogger BoBo Banjoey said...

my biggest smile of the day!! love it and adore you.

me :-)

12/12/05 4:00 PM  

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