19 December 2005

6 more days of this madness?

okay, so maybe madness is a bit too strong a word, but seriously, it's more than a little crazy around here, and i, for one, cannot wait for all this insanity to STOP!! all day long i watched my mom drag boxes from one messy room to another messy room... back and forth, back and forth. one mess got smaller while another mess kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger. then she started opening up these big boxes and pulling out all kinds of stuff that i didn't recognize. hmmmm she'd say ...this is for terri and this is for billy and this is for susan and this and this and these are for terri and this and this and that is for billy and this is for maxxy (i don't even know who this "maxxy" is--i think he lives with terri and billy...whoever they are -- but he must be special, since he, too, rates a "gift") ...and THIS goes back to the store and what the hell did i buy this for and who did i think i was gonna give it to? i think you catch the gist of this one-woman conversation. now that i think about it, i believe madness is exactly the word for what this day's been like!
anyway...after mom finally decided who was gonna get what she proceeded to take out all kinds of papers and ribbons and then she started wrapping these various confusing items up in an attempt (i'm only guessing here) to make everything look festive. next thing i know she looks at the clock, mutters something under her breath like oh shitshitshit holy crap help mr. wizard i'm never gonna get this stuff ready in time... and that, my friends, is when mom went completely and utterly insane... she started racing up and down the stairs trying to find even bigger boxes to put the smaller boxes in, then i heard her say something to one of the boys about getting everything to the post office before it closed... and would they please please please help her out by taking the now wrapped/taped/labeled items and dropping them off for her at the post office? naturally, as you can imagine, they were absolutely thrilled to comply and hopped into action almost before she asked. (can you sense the sarcasm dripping off my tongue? one of these boys (pictured above with the bobo) is the same one who told mom last week don't worry mom, i'm gonna clean up this mess i made in the kitchen, it's just that i'm really full now so i have to wait until my stomach settles down. now, who do you think cleaned up the kitchen? the boy claiming to have an horrible/awful/terrible and, apparently debilitating upset tummy??? HAHAHAHAHAHA ...altho' i have to admit i'd have been happy to help that boy clean off his plate if only he'd asked--it looks delicious)
in their defense... those 2 boys actually did get to the post office on time, which made mom happy for a nano-second. happy, but not sane.
eventually i got sick and tired of watching my mom do all this stuff for everyone else and had to force her to take me outside so i could do my "business" and hunt around for bobo's buried treats. that was good for about 7 minutes. now mom's back to her boxes (the ones the boys didn't take to the post office) she just keeps shaking her head and muttering under her breath something about ...it's christmas dammit and i love christmas and this is oh-so-much fun and everyone loves presents and pretty decorations and i'm having such a good time so what do i care if i didn't get to work out or that my head hurts.... i think i'm gonna stay out of her way until dinner time. yeah, that's what i'm gonna do... (then let's see her try to stay out of MY way... tee hee)

"I can picture in my mind a world without war, a world without hate. And I can picture us attacking that world, because they'd never expect it." ~Jack Handy (Deep Thoughts-SNL)


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