08 April 2006

stop me if you've heard this one...

yeah, baby! that's right! i am done with the move! i know i've been tellin' ya about it for quite a little while, but now, it's really happened. so please... feel free to stop by anytime, day and/or night! m'kay? 'cuz i might get lonely if you don't! here's the address, in case ya forgot:
seriously, please come for a visit... bobo wants to see you, too! even max might like to see you, as well... but, then ya have to ask yourself... do you really want to see him? (tee hee)

22 March 2006

still moving...

slow, i know... but hey, i'm all by myself here... so, y'know, it's not easy! anyway, please check out the links on my sidebar, and, by all means come see me at my new address -- pardon the mess, tho', cuz i haven't finished unpacking! and, yes, feel free to bring a snack, this is really hard work and, to make matters worse, i can't seem to find my greenies!

21 March 2006

hello? did i mention...

...i'm moving??? if so, did i mention i'm moving because blogger is sucking the big suck these days and, try as i might, i cannot load up pictures and/or post the actual shit i want to post? and, did i also mention that my new address is puppytoes.typepad.com? and that, even as we speak, over there i'm talkin' about all kinds of stuff today involving birthdays/tattoos/silliniess?? good. so...um... why are you still here??

20 March 2006


[i know what you're thinking and you couldn't be more wrong. unless you're thinking, gosh, what a cute little puppy, because then, of course, you're right! but for anyone who thought i changed my mind about moving? i am. but i haven't added my "favorites" (and you know who you are) to the side-bar of my new blog yet so i thought i'd keep posting on both sites until the move is "complete". but, make no mistake, i'm moving... oh yes. i am moving.]

last night, i had a dream. in this dream, i wasn't the glorious/fiesty little puppy girl you all know and love, i was the mild-mannered whimpy boy max that some of you love but who is a royal pain in my glorious/fiesty little puppy girl butt, which, of course, has nothing to do with my dream, but needed to be said. anyway, in this dream, i didn't know where i was, but i think it was a kennel of some sort. (me? in a kennel??? that's a laugh! to know me and/or my mommy and/or my daddy is to know that would never happen...)
in this dream, a guy named tony soprano came into the cage i was sitting in and tried to steal my akc papers because, and i quote, "my show's turning into a dog... at least with these papers i can say it's still worth a lot of dough". i got up off the pillow i was resting on, walked slowly over to where he stood, and, because i was max, lifted my back leg and pee'd all over his big fat foot. then he started to cry. and i laughed and laughed and laughed.

now, i can't be sure, but i think i had that dream because mommy & daddy were less than impressed last night with the 2nd episode of a show they've described in the past as pretty freaking ball kickin' awesome! last night, it was, apparently, sort of freak-ee but not so much ball-kickin' and/or awesome. for a true "overview" (i.e. "daddy's review-ish rant") of last night's episode of the soprano's (along with his thoughts on that sluttywhore, meredith, on grey's anatomy) check out
bobo banjoey.

i hope the sopranos gets better... mommy and daddy have so few joys in life, and, sadly, most of 'em seem to be tied in to a handful of television programs. i've said it before, but it does bear repeating... pity them. i know i do.

now, as long as i'm on the subject of television (and i am) i have a little
tv related question: what in the wide wide world of sports is up with tom cruise?? i read this, and all i can say is he scares me. gotta love south park creators matt stone and trey parker tho'--mommy wonders how long before they do an episode (or film) called "the million-year war for earth" featuring tom cruise. i figure the kids will lure him back in stan's closet (maybe feature george "i did not write that blog" clooney, again as sparky, stan's gay dog) lock him (tom "i am a scary scary man" cruise) in, and throw away the key. (not a bad idea, really)

scientologists... can't live with 'em, can't make fun of 'em.

"Life doesn't imitate art, it imitates bad television." ~ Woody Allen

19 March 2006

dalai bobo's...

...thought for the week: can be found [here]
since i still can't load pictures up on blogger... that's going to become my permanent home soon--i'm moving now, and hopefully i can make it "official" in a few days! (oh, what am i saying? i can pretty much make it official right now...but i won't. these things must be handled delicately... ish.)

18 March 2006

serenity now...please?

...please? pretty please?
lord grant me serenity to accept the things i cannot change... before i go on a freaking rampage and bite off someone's toes!
i mean, i'm just one precious little puppy-girl and the only problem i should ever have to confront is how to get mommy and/or daddy to give me more treats. on the other hand, blogger seems to be having problem after problem after problem and it's just too freaking much! so i think i'll work on the "treat problem" aspect of my day and let those nimrods guys at blogger work on the sh*ttyf*cky crappy "blogger/blogging problems" aspect of their day, and hope that, somehow things are magically "fixed" by tomorrow.
in the meantimeif ya want something good/fun/more interesting to read, why not check out daddy's blog? i know that's what i'm gonna do! i'd also like to suggest ya check out some of my favorites listed over there on the sidebar, but guess what? there's nothing in my sidebar (unless there is ...like everything else this changes every 5 minutes... )!! did i not just mention the freaking problems i'm having with stupid blogger today?? sigh i'm sorry. there's no need for me to get snappish here, just because my stupid little blog has looked even more stupid for the past 3 (count 'em three) days... apparently the side bar is yet, another part of the f*cky annoying blogger/blogging/blogf*ck glitch that's giving me/those nimrods guys such a headache right now. i swear to all that's holly hunter i'd bite toes, if i thought it would do any good. but it won't, so i won't.
"Imagine if every Thursday your shoes exploded if you tied them the usual way. This happens to us all the time with computers, and nobody thinks of complaining." ~ Jef Raskin

17 March 2006


i've fallen into a bloggy-vortex (again) and i can't get out!!! send help! and please, send help soon!!!!
either that's what's goin' on here, or blogger hates me and that's why they keep screwing with my stupid little website. stupid blogger. screwing with my stupid website. trapping me in a bloggy black hole. makin' my blog look ... stupid.

was it something i said?

yeesh! i feel like i've just come out of a coma. now, i know i'm not the only one on blogger to feel this way, but, damn! nothin' like trying to log on and being denied access to your own account. like being told you're "under maintenance", and then being "under maintenance" for 2 whole freaking days. was i broken? did i spring a leak somewhere? were my emissions over the level deemed healthy for human consumption? is there something i can take for that? am i going to be okay? will i live? should i notify my next of kin? make out a will?
sigh. and, since blogger has such lousy blog-side manner, i may never know what's up with... me.
"I wondher why ye can always read a doctor's bill an' ye niver can read his purscription." ~ Finley Peter Dunne